Aaron Zelman Tribute Comments



Following the news of Aaron's passing on December 21st 2010 and the posting of our tribute, we have received a great many responses.  We would like to show a large selection here to share with everyone.


No more powerful words exist better defining the battlecry for freedom than a Jew proclaiming, loud and proud, "NEVER AGAIN!" And no more powerful statement could be made for such self evident truth than a group called Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. My hero, my American BloodBrother and an American Warrior legend, the great Aaron Zelman perfectly represented all free men who refuse to be controlled by others or denied our God given right to keep and bear arms. We stand repulsed by the ugly soullessness of unarmed helplessness.

If Aaron and I were together in Nuremberg Germany in 1938, I am confident that we would have led the charge to disarm Nazis and kill them with their own Lugers, refusing to board the trains or be told what to do. Many Americans will take the mighty spirit of defiance so forcefully guided by Aaron in his lifelong dedication to crushing the enemies of freedom, by keeping his dream alive to crush any and all demonic attempts to disarm free men in our beloved America.

In our hearts, and in the winds of liberty, I feel the spirit of Aaron Zelman forever. In the wind, he is still alive. God rest his warrior soul, Godspeed his defiant spirit.

Freedom BloodBrothers, Ted Nugent & family

Aaron was a patriot in the tradition of the founding fathers. His energy combined with his insistence on resisting any kind of gun control contributed greatly to the improvement in the public's understanding of the Second Amendment. Aaron's creative use of the internet and documentaries has given us tools to fight for freedom that will live on. It was a privilege to know and collaborate with Aaron.

Larry Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America

I followed Aaron's work the same as I follow the work of other leaders of the firearms freedom movement, and I always liked what I saw, though I didn't always agree with every tactic he employed. It seemed to me though that by taking the most strident and unflinching stand on the issues he helped redefine the middle ground, since that point stands between the extremes. By dragging the middle so much closer to the freedom side of the equation, he did more good for the movement than most people know.

We corresponded frequently, and I was fortunate to have lunch with Aaron after one of the major industry events, GRPC or SHOT or one of them, about ten years ago. His thinking was bold, informed and most of all, I felt I could set my moral compass by him because he was if nothing else consistent. He made me think. It satisfied him, as it did me, to see his positions so rile the establishment Jews. If only they responded more positively, a frustration we will have to continue to deal with in the years to come. Without the shining star who led us this far on that sensitive and important front.

Alan Korwin, Author

The Guns Rights Community Has Lost A Friend.

With the sudden passing of Aaron Zelman, freedom fighters everywhere have suffered a huge loss.

Mr. Zelman was a person who said what he thought, and one never had to wonder about his meeting. The publications he put out, the videos, the comic-type books, etc, pointed to the fact that he didn't suffer fools. There is definitely a hole in the heart of the Second Amendment Freedom Fighters community in this country.

My personal remembrances of Mr. Zelman are many. I had the great good luck to meet him once in Austin, TX. He was attending some movie premier of which I no longer remember the title. I do remember that it was shown in a theater where we sat at a table and had lunch while watching the movie.

One of my fondest memories, though, are of his gun-shaped cookie cutters. He sent me a couple and asked if I would bake some up and take a photo of one of my grandkids eating one of the cookies. I did, and he had that photo up on his website for quite a while.

We spoke on the phone quite often. I used him as a reference source for anything that I couldn't figure out on my own pertaining to the 2A--and he always had a different, though very sensible, perspective on the subject. I also remember that he thought the BATFE was not an organization that was in the best interest of the citizens of this country. We had many conversations regarding this subject, too.

There is a huge gap in my heart with Mr. Zelman's passing. I pray that he is at peace.

Marinelle Thompson
Second Amendment Sisters.org

I am shocked and saddened at the loss of Aaron. I had the great pleasure and privilege of representing JPFO in three Second Amendment cases, including both Heller and McDonald.

Aaron had a raw and refreshing vigor for the Second Amendment that made him wonderful to work with as a client. He never lacked interesting ideas on how to advance the cause of human liberty.

I hope it will come as some solace to you that he greatly touched not only family and friends but many colleagues and strangers as well.

My deepest condolences to you. Aaron will be greatly missed.

Daniel L. Schmutter, Esq.
Farer Fersko, P.A.
Westfield, New Jersey

There are people that lead, people that follow, and people that just stand around and muddle. Aaron was without a doubt in the leadership column. The Western Missouri Shooters Alliance has had the privilege of showing JPFO movies in a theater venue more than once. We were not the first, but among the first to show "The Gang". I believe we were the first to show the movie "No Guns For Jews". I talked to Aaron about it, I told him we were showing another movie that night called Sybil Ludington made by a Christian Film company. I had hoped to have a Judeo-Christian movie night. I said despite what some in power thought, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and we remain so grounded. He liked that. He told me to make sure and pay attention to the strings playing at the end of the movie, the work of his son Jeremy, and he was so very proud of that.

He was such a gift to the Second Amendment community in providing us material and information to work with and inform others. I admired his unwavering adherence to principle. Freedom lay in the direction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not in shades of grey, compromise or back room deals. Freedom lay in following the clear path laid out by our founders, and the sooner our Country returns to that path, the sooner Freedom will be in sight. One of our Board of Directors said Aaron was a "Mensch". I looked it up. He was, and will remain one, for he has given us a very clear path to follow and good actions to emulate. Rest in Peace Aaron, may G-d comfort your family and many friends. In G-d's time we will meet in person.

Shalom, Sheila Stokes-Begley
President, Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

Memories of Aaron Zelman

I woke up in 1993. A radio commentator by the name of Mike Wiley introduced me to what was going on in this country. One of the first things that got my attention is how the government planned to disarm the civilians and install a dictatorship. Mike used Aaron Zelman’s great works, “Lethal Laws” and “Gun Control Gateway to Tyranny ” to explain his point.

Well, at this point I was angry, very angry, and wanted to do something about the movement of the government and the elitists to destroy our beloved United States and its Bill of Rights. One of the first things I did was join “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.”

Let’s fast forward to 1996. I have been speaking to Aaron Zelman on and off for about three years. I was going through Milwaukee (in my truck) and called Aaron and told him that I wanted to meet with him.

He met me at a truck stop and we went out to dinner. Well let me tell you how I sized him up. Tall, thin, curly hair. What I couldn’t figure out was how I was going to get a reaction from him. The man was too quiet. Anyway I decided that if I dropped an anvil on Aaron’s foot I would get a reaction and probably get my butt shot off.

At that meeting I told Aaron that he needs to put the Jewish Gun Grabbers (oh by the way I am Jewish and I absolutely HATE the Jewish left and other enemies of our sacred Bill of Rights) in Nazi drag. Well Aaron’s reaction was that is a bit too extreme. You know Aaron is a nice guy but we can’t be nice with our enemies.

Anyway the JPFO poster with the four Jewish Nazi’s finally came in to being around two years after. About time.

Throughout the following years we kept in touch. I even put some graphics on my refrigerated trailer that advertised the organization. Spent a lot of money on “Grandpa Jack” (please resurrect this great tool) comic books.

I finally got Aaron to laugh at one of my jokes last summer. I asked Aaron if he wanted to join the Abnormal Defecation League? After about 10 seconds I heard some rollicking laughter from the other side of the phone.

That laugh is how I will always remember Aaron Zelman. Super serious and determined but finally he laughed at my joke.

The news of my friend's passing really knocked me for a loop.

A wife looses her husband.

Two children loose their father.
I loose a friend.
America looses a no nonsense patriot who is not in it for the money.

We must keep Aaron’s work alive.

Lenny Ladner
Hohenwald, TN.


I was stunned to hear about Aaron's death. This came as a real shock to me. Aaron was an inspiration to me. The most influential Book I ever read was "The State vs. the People: The Rise of the American Police State". Of course, I've read all his others, like Hope, Rebelfire, The Mitzva, etc, the TSVTP:TROTAPS was the book that put everything together for me.

I've recommended that book so many times, I've lost count. People have asked me if there was one book that would let them know what I know and how can they see the big picture, I've told them to read this book. Mine is almost worn out and dogged-eared from many lendings. I wish you offered a Hard Cover Edition for my collection.

I wrote Aaron about 6 months ago, telling him that I've left a percentage of my Estate to the JPFO, because I so believe in JPFO's cause. Up here in Canada, we've already lost the Battle, and the Raids have already started. There's no longer any point in donating to ANY of Canada's Groups, fighting for Freeedom. With Bruce Montague finally being released from Prison, and the SCC refusing to hear his Appeal, all those that follow the issue of gun Control can see the writing on the wall.

I hope that JPFO will live on, and someone can fill Aaron's shoes. He will be a hard act to follow!

Roger Mattice

Our Tribute to Aaron Zelman

We shall always remember Aaron Zelman as one of the finest American Patriots.

A very few of our countrymen did as much as Aaron to protect our CONSTITUTION, Bill of Rights and most of all Aaron devoted his talent and resources to protection of the SECOND AMENDMENT of OUR CONSTITUTION.

THANK YOU Aaron for being our leader in fight for LIBERTY, and one of the most important American Rights - the right to own and bear arms.

R. W. York & G. P. Thurber, WA

In November 2007 I took over as webmaster for JPFO and over the last three years worked closely with Aaron. Dealing with the man showed me that here was a dedicated antagonist to "Gun Control", a man who had seen the dangers of same with regard to genocide - in particular of course with regard to the Holocaust.

Often when talking on the phone we had to be brief due to his attempts to so often cram way too much into a given day, but on occasions when loads were lighter, we would chat at some length on "things" in general. I well recall when discussing the more concerning aspects of the Bill of Rights and in particular the Second Amendment, he would often say "worse is better"!

Due to a geographical separation of some thousand miles we could never get to meet and that will always sadden me as even just once, a face to face would have been a delight. That aside, I did feel over my time of association with him that I got to know the man well enough to count him as a friend, and feel well privileged to have had that experience.

Chris Bodine, JPFO Webmaster, PA

Dear JPFO;

I am in shock to have read, just now, of the the loss of my friend Aaron. I spoke with him as frequently as possible (always trying not to be a burden on his time) and found him to be a person of real character, as well as being worthy of the category "good friend."

I have known that, somehow, people who begin to make a significant difference in the issues he was involved in educating the public about, were in danger (it seems history bears this out) of losing his/her life one way or another. I will miss him greatly, and am happy to have helped him, and spoken with him personally, during the production of two of the JPFO's educational DVD's.

In mourning; Your Friend, Lou

I guess it is true that the good die young. Aaron, it was a pleasure to have talked with you years ago in regards to your first DVD project, and it has been a great honor to know a righteous, and patriotic man such as yourself. A person who took no prisoners. A man who would not compromise the principals that made this nation great. A man who would not yield to the politically correctness of the oppressors. The world will be a lesser place without you, but I know that your lessons and guidance will be carried on through your legacy the JPFO.

Your heartfelt friend,

Richard E. Dunne, California

I met Aaron on the telephone years ago, when JPFO produced the "Innocents Betrayed" video... Aaron made me a very honest deal on many, many copies of these, so I could give them away across the country...

After looking further into the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, I decided they were my main gun ownership website, and later, JPFO and GOA became my only source of support and information for our 2nd Amendment God given rights!

I only spoke with Aaron a few times over the years, but continued to pray for his work. I was extremely sad to hear of his passing.  My condolences to Aaron's entire family... he was a wonderful man, and I am sure more so to you all!

May G-d richly bless you all...

Brian G. Rockey

I learned more about Aaron from his memorial than I ever knew. His insights into the nature of man were far beyond the vast majority of loud commentators today. If all that I read is true, we lost a giant.
To whoever wrote that memorial, you did a fine job.

Douglas S

I have been a long distance acquaintance of Mr. Aaron Zelman for many illuminating years. He is held in highest regards for his tireless efforts and great accomplishments throughout his distinguished career. His outstanding research and educational achievements, along with his steadfast struggle to defend and protect American Human Rights are unparalleled. I'm very saddened to hear of his passing and would like to relay my heartfelt condolences to his family.

Thank you very much Aaron. You've changed our lives. We miss you very much.


Clifford D. Weiss, CPO
Westbury, New York

Aaron was a titan. He will be missed, but he made his mark.

Kevin Starrett
Oregon Firearms Federation

Although I did not know Aaron personally, I talked to him on the phone at length a couple times. Aaron seemed a gentleman, one with a sense of purpose like few I have met.

Aaron and the JPFO have filled a void in the "rights" battles like no other organization I know. And it has been done from a vantage point t no others have had the insight to use. In military terms you might say Aaron flanked the enemy and did it marvelously.

I am saddened that I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Zelman, shake his hand and thank him for what he accomplished. As long as there are those like Aaron Zelman, the spirit of the founding fathers will be alive ... May you rest in peace Aaron Zelman.

Doug Schurman

I am not Jewish - agnostic in fact - but like Aaron we shared the same concerns for liberty and the price paid to achieve it.

Aaron recognised the threat that social engineering has when introducing a demonstrably high risk culture / belief structure imposes on nations so naive as to harbour it - and also the risk of the tyranny on home shores by governments and their bureaucracies that by their own actions are clearly out of control.

Aaron was open to information from foreign shores due to the shared 'buggery' that we suffer, and more often than not took the time to acknowledge with a personal, non standard, note.

Such a pity that the bloke has died - a great loss for his family and for everybody with concerns about liberty and freedom.

Peter Cunningham
Sydney - Australia

I have just learned the sad news. I am of 100% Irish/Catholic ancestry and I am 77 years old. I can say without hesitation that Aaron strengthened the spirit and meaning of freedom for me more than anyone or anything.

Bob McGrath, New Mexico

Freedom in America suffered a blow with the loss of Aaron Zelman. He was a no-compromise spokesman for liberty and Constitutional government, and today, with the dumbing-down of our country, there are far too few people who understand the founding document and the principles the country is based on. Aaron never backed down in the face of political correctness and the liberal media's onslaught of lies and propaganda ... he helped educate us and keep us pointed in the right direction. He will be sorely missed.

J.T. Wake Forest, NC

Thanks Mr. Zelman for all you did to protect the right of american citizens to keep and bear arms for all legal, lawful, and personal defense purposes. May Yahweh comfort your family as they adjust to the absence in their lives. Rest in peace and Shalom brother Aaron --- we'll see you later !!!!!!

Michael S. Whitlock
NRA Life Member
Life-long Gentile Christian Zionist

What a terrible and unexpected shock. We will miss him. Our condolences to his family and loved ones.

--Don Cline

We now have lost yet another most valuable Champion of Human Rights. At age 73, I have seen - especially in recent years - one after another of these Champions of the People pass from our midst and they are so sorely missed.

A gentile that belongs to G-d through Jesus Christ, we stand firmly with Israel and the Jewish People, G-d's Chosen Ones; may they continuously stand firm' Never, Never surrendering NOT a cubic inch of the Land of Israel G-d promised them

We have no doubt that this Dear Man's ongoing struggle will be taken up by his compatriots who will press forward as he did in the ongoing struggle with the adversities who endlessly seek to overwhelm us; trusting always that JPFO will continue seeking always to "endeavor to constantly and exponentially preserver, always to attack, attack, always attacking" this multitude of of our enemies, both foreign but especially those that are DOMESTIC!!!

James A Wyatt, Jr. Cleveland, TN

Gentlemen, I am very saddened to hear about Mr. Zelman. He was sort of a twentieth Century George Washington freedom fighter. I trust you guys will continue the fight to defend the Bill of Rights and especially the Second Amendment.

No compromise

Sincerely, Lloyd Reighley. JPFO Life Member

This 60 year old Gentile Christian Zionist appreciates all you folks do to protect our 2nd amendment rights. Another Christian shooter once asked me "Why do you participate in the "jpfo" organization ? You are not Jewish !!!! I looked at him, smiled, and said "You need to read and read and read Genesis 12:3 and you will understand why I do".

One of my neighbors is a conservative Jew and he hangs out in my shop working on his guns and reloading ammo. We might be different in our physical DNA, but our spiritual DNA is a perfect match ---- Jew & Gentile, one new man in Yahweh & Yashua. Shalom ya'll from Sealy, Texas.

Michael W

A courageous and honorable man, Aaron practiced his faith, and lived by his principles. He was, and remains, an inspiration to millions of us. When it was unpopular, politically incorrect, socially unacceptable to stand up and speak out against the blatant injustices, the abuses of federal power, the oppression of free people, Aaron Zelman refused to be intimidated, much less silenced.

He set an example for us, he and the faithful crew of JPFO, giving us a steady light by which to navigate through times of darkness brought on by power-mad tyrants and small-minded dictators ensconced in our own givernment. May G-d grant him peace and comfort the family and friends. Let us also pray that the JFPO will continue its mission with an iron will and a devotion to preserve the heritage and legacy passed on by Aaron Z.


About seven years ago, after reading a post by Aaron Zelman at the JPFO site, I was compelled to try to call him, as I was unsettled by what I had read. I left a message with my name and number and figured that was that. The phone rang back almost immediately and it was Aaron. I admitted that I hardly expected to hear from him personally,however, we began a very lengthy exchange over the phone.

By the end of the conversation, I was of the realization that we stood shoulder to shoulder on matters of liberty, the Almighty, and of course, Article 2. Before bidding me farewell, he said to me: "I wish I had a hundred more like you." I was honored and humbled all at once. My G-d bless your soul Aaron, From one of your Christian brothers.

Daniel T

Aaron was a no-compromise guy on gun rights. That didn't always make him friends with folks who wanted "some gun control" (for people other than themselves - kind of like Steven Spielberg, among others).

In my opinion, JPFO is still the best pro-gun-rights organization I think, pound for pound & dollar for dollar. They've sure managed to do a lot over the years on a shoe-string budget - smaller than any of the gun clubs I belong to.

J.L. (Missouri)

Thank you for keeping JPFO and your blessed civil rights mission alive. This represents a tribute to Aaron Zelman, his vision, and his (and your) patriotism.

I wrote a memorial article for the January 2011 issue of The Vigilant, newsletter of the New Jersey Arms Collectors Club (NJACC), of which I am president. You may certainly publish it on the memorial page and/or in the Memorial Guest Book.

NJACC Memorial to Aaron Zelman

Aaron Zelman, the founder and mystic mainspring of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (www.jpfo.org) died in December of 2010. His death represents a significant loss to advocates of The Bill of Rights, particularly to those of us who supported JPFO and benefitted from Aaron’s his writing enriched and informed.

Only Aaron and JPFO alerted us that then-Senator Dodd concocted the Gun Control Act of 1968 from a virtually verbatim translation of the gun control law implemented by Adolph Hitler in the mid-1930s in Nazi Germany, implemented in Austria immediately after the Anschluss, and subsequently enforced in the Sudetenland, Vichy France etc. Neither the NRA nor other Second Amendment organizations informed gun owners of that insidious heritage of GCA68, but JPFO and Aaron Zelman did!

I joined JPFO (house goy?) many years ago and I hope it doesn't die with Aaron. We need JPFO; America needs JPFO!

Chuck Collins

I remember originally joining JPFO as a charter member and getting a personal note signed by Aaron thanking me for joining the newly formed organization. I decided to join after reading an article in a magazine (Guns and Ammo?) featuring Aaron describing the "mission statement" of JPFO. Later, I became a JPFO Life Member.
May you continue the mission started by Aaron Zelman.

Franz R Gosset, M.D.
Monroe WI

I had the pleasure of speaking with Aaron Zelman by phone while I was taking a Holocaust Class in Grand Rapids, Michigan The professor was an American Jew who was also anti-gun. By the time this class was over, I had convinced 40 college kids, with the advice of Mr. Zelman and much to the chagrin of my professor, that the Holocaust could never have happened without first the disarmament of the German people.

G-d bless you for the work you do. My condolences to all of you and to the Zelman family. We have lost a true Patriot.

A.K. Grand Rapids, Michigan

I sadly read about Aaron's passing. The first time I heard Aaron was on WXYT in Detroit on the Mark Scott show. He told listeners about the 1968 Gun Control Act and its Nazi roots. I was shocked that a Nazi law could be enacted in the United States when most members of Congress were World War 2 veterans and all lived during the war. It was refreshing to hear a fellow Jew speak up and defend our Second Amendment and its basis for all the other rights unlike the liberal groups who call themselves Jewish who call for disarming us. I was really impressed by Aaron's defense of our freedom during the dark days of the Clinton regime and the bigger threat to our liberty today from the government juggernaut. Aaron was brilliant in exposing the evils of gun control and the tyrannical goals gun control advocates have and the genocide which follows disarming people.

The best example is England where the government officials say "we have our subjects exactly where we want them" where crime exploded out of control after the government confiscated privately owned firearms. Aaron also exposed the phonies who claim to fight for our gun rights like the NRA who was silent when the so called 'assault weapon' ban was enacted in California and their silence was deafening. Aaron also exposed the NRA's compromises where they claim this is the best they could do for us. Aaron's movie making exposed the ATF for the out of control federally sanctioned criminal organization and their abuses gun owners have endured from these Nazi wannabes.

The Tanach has an example of disarming a captive population in the book of Shmuel (Samuel) where the Plishtim (Philistines) did not allow the Israelites to have metal smiths and forced them to use a Philistine metal smith to have their farming tools sharpened because they wanted to prevent the Israelites from having the ability to make weapons.

Unfortunately, most newspapers who call themselves Jewish have a media blackout on JPFO and it took the talk radio show in 1995 to learn about JPFO's existence. The Cincinnati published The American Israelite published my letter about JPFO but did not take the time to contact JPFO and write an article about JPFO and its objectives to protect our freedom.

Aaron will be missed by all freedom loving Jews and righteous gentiles in his fight for freedom. May this be an ilui for his neshama (uplifting for his soul) and may his works get his neshama a place in Gan Eden.


Ezra Kattan

Dear JFPO:

My husband and I were very saddened to receive the news regarding Mr. Aaron Zelman. We appreciated Aaron’s unrelenting support of the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment and his willingness to share his knowledge and insights with Americans on why it is important to stand up against gun control.

I purchased JPFO’s first book, “Gun Control” Gateway to Tyranny, in 1993 and since that time I have notified everyone I’m in contact with to do the same. This book is a real eye opener. It should be mandated reading material for every American student, and including American adults, as I see it.

Aaron’s children can be deeply proud of their father because he truly was an honest, moral, and outstanding U.S. citizens who will be greatly missed.


Mrs. Robert L. (Kay) Bentley, Jr.

I called HQ some time in '90 or '91 and asked "what's a nice Jewish man fooling with guns for?" I remember he chuckled, after all this was a humor check but then we spoke of our Jewishness and freedom. Dear Zelman family, the Polse family, Maury, Frannie, Aaron, IDF Vet, David, Corpsman in Afganistan and Jake share in your loss. G-d bless.

Maury Polse, Lafayette, Ca

One of my hero's for preserving human rights. G-d bless you.

William C

Very sad news. Aaron Zelman has passed away. He was truly a light of freedom in a weary world. Aaron was a tireless defender of the Second Amendment and as a Jew he felt that his people--or any people-- must never again be subject to any government in a situation where they were left unarmed and defenseless. He considered the Bill of Rights the greatest gift of freedom. He understood, but never tolerated those politicians of Jewish descent who worked to undermine freedom and the Second Amendment.

Over twenty years ago I called Aaron to order material for the "Bill of Rights Day", which JPFO--Aaron, was aggressively promoting; pretty much all by himself. I had the great privilege of speaking with Aaron for a part of the afternoon. His commitment to freedom was breathtaking. From the standpoint of his Jewish heritage, he truly appreciated why there must be NO compromise with those who would subjugate the individual to the totalitarian state. He understood why the Second Amendment is the first and last line of defense and must be strengthened, not bargained away. In that one phone call he greatly influenced me to no longer be a bystander, but to try to be a force for freedom.

He established JPFO as "America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization" and it was more than a slogan. Aaron told it like it is, even when it was not popular to do so. Aaron is a giant. We will miss Aaron, but we must carry on in his memory.

Ken Anderson

Aaron Zelman wasn't just a Jew, but a true American and Patriot who fought for the freedoms and liberty's even non-Jews sought to destroy. I've always admired Aaron and will miss him. Shalom my dear friend.

Jerry Avalos, NRA Life Member, Valley Springs, CA.

I forget exactly how I first encountered Aaron. I know I had figured out that what the government, most vocal citizens’ groups, the police and the media were saying about firearms was untrue. I suspect it was in a newsletter from another pro rights hero in Canada, Dave Tomlinson, who has also since passed. I was blown away by the scope of the mission Aaron had taken on: exposing and correcting the revisionist history of gun control as a danger to human rights. Suddenly there was an historical context for the struggle, and that context made success all the more urgent.

As one who has worked in theater, film and television most of my life I understood how cultural tools worked. I could see these tools were being used to hijack our freedom culture. The Grandpa Jack series, while good baby steps, showed where Aaron believed support for freedom must begin – in the family and in the minds of children. This is only possible if adults are equipped and willing to do their job of instilling a freedom mindset in the young.

Adults have been brainwashed since the 1960’s into questioning the rightness of freedom. A web of laws emerged that challenged, then constrained and finally subjugated individual rights. Adults began second guessing themselves and the rights and responsibilities that have been a birthright for thousands of years. Aaron saw the big picture, realized the real battle was cultural, and began building pro freedom cultural tools.

Shortly after I joined JPFO Aaron announced the “Innocents Betrayed” project. My first impulse was to offer any skills I had that would have been useful to the project. Unfortunately I was working on a television series and couldn’t have followed through on the offer if it had been accepted. Instead, I donated a day’s pay, which was coincidentally was the amount that earned me a “Producers’ Circle” credit. Perhaps the challenge of donating a day’s pay could help fund future productions.

I am proud to have been associated in this small way with Aaron. He is one of my personal heroes. While he has gone to his final rest, I sincerely hope Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership will prevail in the mission to which Aaron Zelman dedicated his life.

Clive Edwards, Western Block Party, Chilliwack, BC

Aaron, you will be missed more than some can imagine. Even though we never met, I always felt a connection with you by those same things that drove you to be the person that you were. My heartfelt condolences go to your family and closest friends and we can only be so thankful for all the great things that you did in the name of freedom. Semper Fidelis my brother...

A. R. Florida

i did not know Aaron personally, however my family and I always thought of him as standing tall, never backing down, a man of principal, yet peaceful and understanding. But strong; like steel, like Israel.

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Fox, MD

Dear Friends at JPFO,

I was sad to hear that Aaron Zelman had died. It's a loss not only for those of us who care about the Bill of Rights, but for the freedom of all, even the ignorant.

Several years ago I learned about JPFO through Aaron's writing and advocacy. I called in on the off chance I might actually speak with Aaron. Sure enough, he was on the phone with me in a moment. I addressed him as Mr. Zelman, but he insisted I call him Aaron. He was a down-to-earth fellow and I immediately liked him. I called him more than a year later and he remembered me. What I remember most was his energetic, plain-spoken insistence on the importance of the second amendment. He and I agreed that ALL the amendments in the Bill of Rights are crucial to the survival of our constitutional republic.

The best thing we can do is simple: keep up the good fight that Aaron was fighting. If you have not done so yet, get in touch with your State and Federal Representatives and let them know how important our work is to the freedom we have here in the USA. Do this intelligently and calmly, as Aaron did, and arm yourself with facts and figures, as he did. Continue to educate yourselves about the intentions of the founders: they wrote them very clearly in concise, plain English, leaving no room for misinterpretation. By sticking to those texts, and using their very clear words, we can refute the false logic and deceptive rhetoric of those who would legislate away our basic, G-d given rights as human beings.


Konstantin Prokos, Michigan

When I first joined JPFO.org I became increasingly aware of the potential for genocide in this nation. I felt so helpless that I called the 800 number and Mr. Zelman answered the phone. I told him of my concerns and asked him if he thought the same. By the time we hung up I felt more encouraged and ready to continue to try to wake up others.

On saying good bye, Mr. Zelman said for me to first smile a big smile which I did and then we hung up. It made so much of a difference and here this busy man took the time out to talk to me when I needed him. G-d keep him close. I will miss him not being with us, so very much.

Colleen Smith, proud to be an American-American.

Aaron was a totally stand up guy. I explained to him how the Drug War was a danger to gun rights and after some discussion he changed his position. He will be sorely missed.

M. Simon

JPFO gave me a true no compromise PRO GUN,PRO CONSTITUTION,and PRO SECOND AMENDMENT organization. Please keep Aaron Zelman′s legacy alive. I look at JPFO as a post World War II idea of what the HELL were we thinking before the war. May G-d Bless and comfort the families and friends of Aaron Zelman.

JR Pursiful, Tennessee

I just found out about Aaron, it hit me harder then would have thought it would, (he was so young), I will sorely miss he's writings and "talks with America" My full regards to his family and friend, it must have be a terrible shock. RIP Aaron, we will miss you

Email name - phantomcharger

Learning of Aaron's death came as a great shock to me. I don't remember exactly when I found JPFO, but I was so happy to find a no compromise 2nd amendment organization. Aaron's work has been fantastic and I hope it will continue in the same manner. I am so proud to have been a part of the producers of a couple of his great films. I never met Aaron face to face but talked to him a few times on the phone. Aaron will sorely be missed.

James Sumrow
Roswell, New Mexico

I read today, with profound sorrow, of the passing Aaron Zelman, a month ago. His courage and effective determination were an inspiration to many loyal & dedicated Americans. He will be very sorely missed, both for his clear insight and for his readiness to stand up for what is right, no matter whence the challenge came.

May a kind G-d Bless his family & loved ones, and inspire many others to take up the torch.

William Flax

We are fortunate to have had Mr. Zelman in our midst serving as a clarion of truth in a world of misinformation. I had the privilege to work with Aaron to place information in the publication of the Jewish United Fund, bringing a perspective to that audience among whom many had never considered and perhaps even more had willfully ignored. It's up to us to honor his work and memory by continuing to remind ourselves and others of the blessing of liberty that is our responsibility to preserve.

Dr. Jack Lyons, Chicago

I first encountered JPFO in the early 1990's. They posted an message comparing Sarah Brady with Adolf Hitler. I was very impressed with this, as I felt that is what gunowners in America needed to do. Get in their face, and call them on the carpet. I then started to purchase materials; Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny, Grandpa Jack comics, and various posters. I once called JPFO, when they were still in Milwaukee, and was surprised to speak with Aaron himself. He explained the importance of educating people, gunowners and non gunowners.

I find it interesting when at various times I would try and tell gunowners about JPFO, and some would respond in a negative way, or say I belong to NRA, they will handle that. Yeah right!! In my opinion only JPFO and Gun Owners of America are worthy of support. NRA sold out a long time ago. I found out if you ask their leaders tough questions, they don't like it. Aaron will be missed. Hope JPFO continues to educate. As Colonel Cooper said, we all have to keep swinging.


Aaron supported me when some others would not in my effort last year to pass the New Hampshire Knife Rights Bill. Personally, it meant a lot to talk with him. It is because of Aaron that I use the term "Bill of Rightist" and not activist anymore. He helped me to understand that many including those that work to destroy our Second Amendment Rights use that term, but we work to protect and defend our Second Amendment Rights and with that all of our rights.

Aaron you will be missed but never forgotten, Rest in Peace my friend.

Representative Jenn Coffey, New Hampshire

I am so sorry to hear about Aaron Zelman. He was a wonderful man for standing up for our gun rights.

David W. Berryman, Alabama


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