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Remembering John Leveron

By JPFO Webmaster



John LeveronI and JPFO have lost a valued friend.

John Leveron - Died May 11th 2011 at age 40. His obituary can be found here. Look for the name to right of page and then click on guest book to see some comments.

This JPFO life member and firearms enthusiast contacted me just under a year ago, and offered to provide some assistance on various matters, working almost entirely pro bono except for JPFO covering a few intrinsic expenses which were incurred. For the most part he gave freely of his time for no reward, other than knowing he was helping the JPFO cause.

John was a very talented IT person, who knew more about the depths of the internet than many could imagine. He often said to me "You do the pages and styling, I'll cover the behind-the-scenes stuff", and believe me, much as I understand quite a lot of the base level technology, he was nothing less than a total wizard.

Many times we spend an inordinate amount of time chatting on the phone - mostly about technical matters but also just general enjoyable chat between friends with common interests. His knowledge of the deep aspects of the internet was awesome and he helped construct what we might call a "server grid" for JPFO - a means of covering eventualities such that if one server went down we'd still be covered by others. Also helping set up a method of providing people with a means to use a torrent approach to obtaining large files of "No Guns for Jews", so as to be able to burn their own DVDs. Some of what he did and talked about I did not fully grasp and so now I feel a huge vacuum, which is in part and primarily the loss of a valued friend, but also an invaluable source of major technical expertise.

Rest in peace John - you will surely be very much missed and fondly remembered. Thank you.


Chris Bodine, JPFO Webmaster.

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