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Move Over, Jay Leno!

By The Liberty Crew
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

“Excuse me, sir, can you tell me: who is running for Vice President of the United States on the Democratic Ticket?”

“Uh … Donald Trump.”

Jay Leno, host of the Tonight Show, gets a kick out of interviewing people on the street, asking them fairly simple questions, and getting dumb, crazy, bizarre, quirky, funny answers. For Leno, it’s all about entertainment – and audiences love it.

Imagine that we use this same technique to entertain and to teach … the Bill of Rights… including the Second Amendment.

“Excuse me, sir, what is the Second Amendment?”

“Um … Thou shall not steal?”

“And, do you know what a ‘militia’ is?”

“Sure, that’s like a malted milk.”

We’ll take those funny, off-the-wall answers from street interviews, and use them to introduce the truth about speech rights, gun rights, privacy rights, and more. Thirty minutes of good clean fun, with a message. We produce: Bill of Rights or BUST!

We have already started to create this light, energetic video to raise awareness about the Bill of Rights. But we need you to help make it happen!

Robots Need Not Apply

Bill of Rights or BUST! is a 30-minute person-on-the-street interview show in which our sharp-witted interviewer questions ordinary individuals about the Bill of Rights. We'll edit those responses into a fast-paced, hilarious show that anyone and everyone will enjoy watching and learning from.

Bill of Rights or BUST!
will have a ton of info about what the Bill of Rights really says, delivering it with a grin – no robotic, somber stuffiness in this production. We aim to get Bill of Rights or BUST! onto cable TV, into classrooms, and into homes all across America!

Why Do It?

Beautiful in red, white and blue, the US flag is considered the symbol of our rights and freedoms --- but --- the Bill of Rights is the source. That document confirms the individual rights born within us and that exist before any nation or flag on earth. It defines abuses no government must ever be allowed to commit and rights no honest government would ever violate.

To the degree that we respect personally, and demand the government to follow, the Bill of Rights, we are free. When we tolerate violations of the Bill of Rights, we're on the road to tyranny. So this is serious business.

Still, Americans like to be entertained. Bill of Rights or BUST! will entertain … and weave in the truth about our fundamental rights as free citizens. Pretty sneaky, huh?

What Next?

Individual donors made it possible to produce the award-winning documentary, Innocents Betrayed. This new production, Bill of Rights or BUST!, is much easier and less expensive to make. For a total budget of just $19,000, Bill of Rights or BUST! can start tickling America's funnybone, maybe even before the next Bill of Rights Day, December 15.

  • $100 Donors get: membership in the Producer’s Circle + your name in the credits + a free copy of the finished work !
  • Donors for a lesser amount: Satisfaction in being part of the solution and being an American who helps transmit the Bill of Rights message to this and future generations + Bonus Goodies for you!

Click on the website to learn about the Bonus Goodies.

Without the Bill of Rights, America won’t be America for anyone.

Learn more about the Bill of Rights or BUST! project by clicking on:

(and follow the link)

Or call (800) 869-1884 to get more information, donate, or become a JPFO member. It’s time to support the Bill of Rights … or bust.

Copyright 2004, by Aaron Zelman. Permission is granted to reproduce this article in full, provided that JPFO contact information, website and phone number are included. J.P.F.O., Inc. * P.O. Box 270143 * Hartford, WI 53027 * (800) 869-1884 * (800) 869-1884.

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