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BATFE - Exposing the Threat

A compilation of our alerts and articles concerning the BATFE. Newest on top.


BATFE Fails the Test: The video that started it all. See the film you were never meant to see!


Congressional Research Service Memo (PDF)

Truscott Letter (PDF)

Inter Ordnance of America Letter (also in PDF format)

BATFE Claiming Shoestring is a Machine Gun (JPG format)

Len Savage Evidence File (HTML, with links to PDFs of letters to/from BATFE)

Letter to James Sensenbrenner (PDF)

Sensenbrenner Response (JPG)

HR 1603 - Fairness in Firearms Testing Bill (as introduced to House) (PDF)


Why the ATF's Firearm Testing Procedures are Scientifically Invalid by Len Savage, July 2005

BATFE Fails the Test (Shotgun News Article, January 2005)


Congress Confirms Lack of ATF Testing Standards (10/28/2005)

The End of the Republican Party? (9/23/2005)

Exclusive Report: Len Savage Exposes the Phony Science Behind BATFE Firearms Testing (7/1/2005)

"The Disinterested Disposition to Punish": James Sensenbrenner and the Destruction of Freedom (5/19/2005)

Fairness in Firearm Testing (4/18/2005)

Rep. Sensenbrenner Fails the Test (3/29/2005)

New Spirit of Cooperation with Gun-Makers (3/7/2005)

One More Innocent American Entrapped by the Lying BATFE (1/28/2005)

Has the BATFE Declared War Against an American Gun Maker? (1/24/2005)

More Unamericanism (and Even a Touch of Insanity) From the BATFE (1/17/2005)

Viewers Rave Over BATFE Fails the Test (1/8/2005)

Vital Warning to All Owners of Semi-Automatic Firearms (1/3/2005)

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