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JPFO Offers the Acclaimed Dustar Knives

The Dustar Dimona
$274.95 postage paid. (MSRP- $329.00)


A NEW Knife from DUSTAR -
The Dimona knife, with attached lanyard.

The DUSTAR Model DIMONA is fixed blade, full tang, and used as an all purpose utility/field/combat knife. Conceived, design, tested, perfected and manufactured entirely in Israel.

The Model DIMONA is manufactured to the most demanding standard like the model 1-Arad.

The Dimona knife.

DIMONA has a full tang and the classic design of the blade is the same as the Model 1-Arad.

The blade is 6 ½" made of D2 steel, one of the toughest and best steel known to the cutlery industry. The handle is made of Partinex and attached to the blade by two brass pins and four screws.

Model Dimona
Fixed Blade, Full Tang, All Purpose
D2 Steel – Rc 54-56, 6 ½" Blade

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