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January 14, 1998


We're in a lot of trouble.

Over the twenty-five years that I've been doing political cartooning I've realized that something has gone terribly wrong with our country. I've been around enough years to know that many basic things have changed in the United States. Crime, immorality (at all levels), a decline in the work ethic, racism, drugs, etc. We're unable to defend our country, even our own borders...and worse yet, our homes and families.

But there is a major reason in my estimation why we have slipped so badly. I didn't realize it until Aaron asked me to work on this book about Gran'pa Jack and the Bill of Rights.

I was surprised how little I really understood about that foundation document of our freedoms. I was shocked when I realized how very little most people knew about it. And, I was horrified when I discovered that our government not only seemed not to understand it, but appeared to actively ignore it.

We have no freedoms without a strong Bill of Rights And those freedoms trickle away when we fail to demand that our elected officials live by those Rights.

Fortunately, JPFO has been able to educate various state legislators about an idea whose time has truly arrived - to designate December 15 as "Bill of Rights Day''! (This is the date in 1791 the Bill of Rights was ratified). A day when all Americans can celebrate and reflect on the importance of the rock of our freedoms. A day that can honored by all Americans, of all races and political persuasions. A day that we commemorate the guarantee of freedom of speech, the press, religion, etc. of all - right, left or center!

We honor our forefathers by declaring: "All of the Bill of Rights for All Citizens"!

Already, legislators from a number of states are requesting more information, so that they might introduce a bill in their governing bodies.

Please purchase and distribute the Gran'pa Jack "Common Sense" booklet at once, so you can educate others about why we have a Bill of Rights and how our freedoms are being destroyed! You can obtain it by going to JPFO's web site at Look under "Bill of Rights Day".

Who can be against honoring our nation's freedoms? What is their agenda?

Let me be the first to wish you a "Happy Bill of Rights day".


Dick Hafer.

Click Here to Purchase GRAN'PA JACK'S "COMMON SENSE"

JPFO is urgently requesting its members to submit the editorial below to newspaper editors all across the country:


The United States of America might never have existed without one thing: the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights limits the power of the government and protects the rights of the people. It was so important that several of the original 13 states would not ratify the Constitution without it.

Nearly everything that makes an American proud to be one comes from the Bill of Rights. Freedoms to speak, print, read, assemble, pray, petition the government, keep and bear arms. Protection from unreasonable arrests and searches, excessive bail, double jeopardy, coerced confessions, cruel and unusual punishment. Rights to due process, jury trials, counsel, and to present defense witnesses. These are the freedoms and rights that define America.

Surprisingly, Americans do not celebrate the foundation of our political freedom, the Bill of Rights -- but we should. After all, the Bill of Rights is part of our Constitution, it is what our military people pledge to serve and die for. It is uniquely American. People on the political left, center, and right can all rally around the Bill of Rights because it expresses our shared basic values.

On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified and has since protected American citizens for 206 years. We should celebrate December 15 every year. By officially designating December 15 as Bill of Rights Day, we would be reminding our fellow citizens and younger generations of our heritage. Bill of Rights Day would declare America's commitment to civil and human rights to the world. The special day would annually remind politicians, bureaucrats, prosecutors, and judges that their authority and power are limited -- that the government serves us Americans, it does not rule us.

December 15, Bill of Rights Day, reminds us of the liberty we have and what it costs to keep it. By celebrating Bill of Rights Day every year, perhaps we shall never forget.


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