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February 14, 1998


All those who believe that "gun control" measures won't touch them, please delete this message from your e-mail inbox, for I dont want to waste your time.

Those of you still reading this, know that the strategy of compromise is failing, fast, or at the very best is not working as intended. Rather than appeasing the "gun grabbers", offers of compromise on more "gun control" wets their appetite for more "gun control" measures.

Some of you have figured out that the strategy based on compromise is FATALLY flawed. Some of you may even have figured out that unless that various gun groups change their strategy, the law-abiding firearm-owner in America will go the way of the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe: EXTERMINATION.

This strategy will continue to fail because it is based on one wrong assumption. Bad assumptions are the Mother of all screw-ups. The FATALLY bad assumption is that some forms of "gun control" -e.g., the "instant check" are, or can be, a socially usefull policy, or at least not socially harmful. This is wrong. Dead wrong.

"Gun control" is an extremely destructive policy. It helped clear the way for Nazi ascendency in Germany. As a result, 13,000,000 people were murdered; 2700/day, each day that the Nazis were in power (30 January 1933 - 7 May 1945). In the 12 member countries of the European Union, it would take about 400 years for that number of people to be murdered, assuming that Europeans were as inclined to commit murder as are a tiny minority of Americans, and if they did nothing to restrain the murders.

We at JPFO are dedicated to destroying "gun control". We take the high road of no-compromise strategies that work. We are not afraid of exposing lies, and proclaiming the truth about gun control. Our web site clearly testifies of the major assault we have mounted against "gun control".

We are sincerely asking you to consider joining JPFO TODAY. If you have, we thank you. Please forward this e-mail to someone who needs to become a member before time is no longer on our side. We are clearly racing against the clock.

Right now, if you become a member, you will receive all 3 Gran'pa Jack booklets, and receive the latest JPFO Firearms Sentinel magazine. This is a $15.00 value. But it does not stop here. You will continue to receive your free subscription to the JPFO Firearms Sentinel, and receive our anticipated NEW releases of Gran'pa Jack booklets, free of charge. For more info on Gran'pa Jack booklets, go to:

We are offering all of the above by simply becoming a member of JPFO, which is $20.00 per year. That comes to 0.05 cents per day. Remember, your financial contributions to JPFO are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

To become a member, go to: There you will see a printable member application, along with info on membership. If you wish, you can become a member using our on-line application as well. Membership IS open to ALL Law abiding citizens.

Unless we build a strong membership, and show that "gun-control" is a very evil public policy, "gun-control" will prosper. And the American gun owner will, slowly, be erased.

You have a choice. You can behave the same way as Jews in Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe. Like the Leaders of Jewish Community Councils (Judenrat), you can sacrifice some members of the community - the elderly, the chronically sick, etc.- to try to save others. You will be asked for more concessions; children below the age of ten. A slice at-a-time, the "gun- grabbers" will ask you for more.

When will you rise and fight? Will you wait until "sporting firearms" larger than .22 are banned? Will you wait until black-powder firearms are banned? Will you wait until shooting ranges are zoned out of existance?

The choice is yours; You can turn your back on a failed strategy, one of compromise with evil-doers - and attack the concept of "gun-control" by becoming an active member of JPFO. Or, you can persist in a failed strategy of procrastination, and accept your own extinction.

Thank You for your time. May we rise and fight "together", as one.

Aaron Zelman - JPFO Executive Director

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