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Gran'pa Jack #3
"Common Sense"

by Richard W. Stevens

This comic book solves many major problems we battle daily to preserve our firearms ownership. Gran'pa Jack's "Common sense" gives people the history lessons behind the development of the Bill of Rights. People will now know why they have rights, and what a right is. Each right is explained clause by clause. It does little good to to tell people how their rights are being destroyed unless they know what their rights are! Gran'pa Jack's booklet will help people understand how government abuse of power is presently destroying their rights. Gran'pa Jack's "Common Sense" pulverizes the lame excuse, "It can't happen here." Tyranny is happening every day, and we document it. Gran'pa Jack's Common Sense is a breakthrough in the war to preserve freedom. It is written for the political left, center, and right. "Common Sense" shows clearly how the Second Amendment is the guardian of all of the Bill of Rights, for all citizens. This is the precise point that must be made to all people in order to build support and preserve the Second Amendment.

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