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Gran'pa Jack #5
The United Nations is Killing Your Freedoms!

by Richard Stevens & Aaron Zelman

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Maybe you thought we had plenty to do just to preserve the right to keep and bear arms. Yet that crucial battle might seem quite irrelevant after the United Nations abolishes the Bill of Rights altogether. Not possible? Can't believe it?

You need to learn how the United Nations, with U.S. Government support, has already laid the groundwork to abolish nearly every right protected in our Bill of Rights. They call it the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Universal Declaration sets the standard of "human rights" for a planned one-world government. It's a terrifying standard. Most of the rights that Americans take for granted are missing from it. While it takes individual rights away, the Universal Declaration empowers power groups and government to control nearly every facet of human life. Shamelessly the U.N. trumpets its Universal Declaration as the blueprint for a future one-world socialist regime.

This fifth Gran'pa Jack booklet combines key ideas from the four previous booklets and adds a frightening and crucial global perspective. Wake up ignorant Americans who blindly trust in Big Government. Inoculate your children and grandchildren against media and school propaganda. Ensure that every anti-U.N. activist you know gets a copy and reads this new booklet.

Publicly challenge politicians and other public figures who support the U.N.

Now is the time. Use Gran'pa Jack #5 to expose the U.N.'s ongoing destruction of your freedom. Gran'pa Jack #5 gives you the facts which the U.N. and the U.S. Government don't want you to know.

Don't aid and abet the death of liberty. Circulate this latest booklet everywhere you can. Volume purchase discounts multiply your power to persuade. Order now!

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