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What Do Gun Owners Think About
Today's National Issues?

A Detailed Survey

(Watch this page over time as we bring you periodic survey results)


JPFO is conducting a critical major survey to find out what opinions American gun owners hold, what they are thinking about and how they feel about today's national issues. Can gun owners’ opinions change America?

Please follow this link to the survey, which is based on short and simple answers.  When completed you will find the last page gives you an opportunity to write a comment if so desired - if this refers to a particular question or questions please if possible quote the question/s and number/s. This survey is anonymous.

Below is a check list of all questions and numbers so you may come back from the poll for reference.  Over time we hope to not only post a selection of your comments but also some further analysis of the survey results.

JPFO Survey Questions Reference

1. Can elections and legislative action restore personal freedoms to Americans? 2. Do you think America will survive our current politicians and their appointees throughout the land? 3. Many Americans believe socialists control America. Do you agree?
4. Do you think voting in November will make a difference? 5. Do you expect drastic cuts in your Social Security and Medicare benefits for “deficit reduction”? 6. Do you think a national strike against out-of-control government spending of your tax dollars would do any good?
7. Is the media more dangerous to the American people than politicians? 8. Do you believe that America must remain a nation based on Judeo Christian values? 9. Have you chosen to live by G-d’s Law for your own self defense?
10. Do you think we’ll see a tax revolt in the near future? 11. Will the U.S. military in the near future attack Americans under the direction of martial law? 12. Do you think the government is doing enough to prevent another “9-11” event?
13. Do you think we’ll have a significant terrorist event before the November elections? 14. Do you think we will have elections in November 2010? 15. If a bumper sticker read “Muzzle Mainstream Media” would you display it?
16. Do you believe the economic and political situation in America will get worse before it gets better? 17. Do you believe America could break up into separate States in response to oppressive Federal laws? 18. Can the American manufacturing industry once again compete with other countries for low tech products?
19. Do you think inflation is coming to America? 20. Do you believe deflation is coming to America? 21. Did the economic stimulus actions benefit you positively?
22. Should firearm safety training be a standard mandatory course in high school? 23. Should parents who refuse to allow their minor child to attend firearms safety courses be held financially responsible for ALL firearms related damages their child could cause? 24. Should the government have the power to censor the Internet?
25. Will the government tax sales on the Internet for “deficit reduction”? 26. Should firearms and ammunition be taxed? 27. Do illegal aliens in America pose a threat to your freedom?
28. Do you think “hate speech” laws are un-Constitutional? 29. Will your home mortgage interest deduction be eliminated to “reduce the deficit”? 30. Will Americans have to use arms against Islamic Jihadists?
31. If the U.S. military attacks Americans will this cause a violent conflict inside the military? 32. Will the day come when other religions that don’t tolerate Christians and Jews will be forced out of America? 33. Do you believe the phrase “Worse is better”?
34. Could businesses hire more people if there was no tax on business profits? 35. Would America be safer if all our troops were immediately brought home? 36. Will taxes raised from “deficit reduction” schemes simply be used to increase the size and power of government?
37. Should your State mandate that “warts and all” American history and an understanding of the Constitution be taught to all students from first grade on? 38. Do you think the Tea Party will grow into a national presence that will influence Presidential elections? 39. Should illegal aliens be given full citizenship for serving in the U S military?
40. Is America headed towards a revolution against a tyrannical and un–Constitutional government? 41. Will the government try to confiscate gold and silver from Americans even though our money is not backed by either? 42. Do you believe elitists who want a "new world order" will succeed?
43. Do you agree that the United Nations must cease to exist? 44. Have you told others about the "Battle of Athens" article on the site? 45. If the personal income tax and IRS were abolished would you accept a national sales tax?
46. Would you accept a national sales tax if the IRS and personal income tax were not abolished? 47. Have you seen the film “Take Your Money Back”? 48. Do you think the huge increase in firearms and ammunition purchases by Americans influences the thinking and behavior of politicians?
49. Do you believe we are experiencing a climate change that will harm humanity? 50. Should the Federal Reserve be thoroughly audited? 51. Should our paper currency be backed by gold and silver?
52. Should career politicians be replaced with part time legislatures who also work in the private sector? 53. Will you consider buying an electric powered vehicle? 54. Your Comments

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