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A few simple games to give you time to chill out.
(Flash plug-in required as well as scripting enabled.)

Need a break while browsing the many articles and products JPFO has to offer? Then pause a while. Take some time to relax and enjoy these Flash games and demonstrations. Click on an image to play or view. Stay as long as you like until you've washed away the stresses of the day.

How does a Garand M-1 function? The Garand M-1 is familiar to many, but what do you know about its inner workings? Here are three well-made demonstrations of its function - covering the main action, the trigger group, and the feed system. A great refresher if you already own an M-1. A useful introduction if you're thinking of acquiring one. .

Sharpen your aim. The developers call this game Skeet Shooting. It might more accurately be called Trap Shooting. Either way, it's a fun and challenging way to practice your hand-eye coordination and maybe blow off steam by shattering targets. Pointers: No need to aim off as you'd do in the real world; just get the cross hairs on target. You have to hit "R" periodically to reload. After each set of clays press your space bar for the next throw.

Bubble Shooter Tricky -- and another good exercise for developing a good aim and fast reflexes. Point the lower arrow with its current color bubble at any same-color pair (or more) to destroy them. From time to time, usually when you seem to be getting ahead, more rows drop down! A good hit higher up will often clear bubbles below and, if you get far enough, some colors will no longer show.

Play golf? This simple but effective representation of putting on a nine hole novelty course presents you with various obstacles and challenges. Speed and angles are everything! And watch out! This game can be quite addictive. With practice it is possible to get well under par; but one or two holes are quick to exact revenge in a most frustrating manner.

Working with windage. Can't get out to the range? Test your ability to compensate for windage right here -- using a digital wastebasket and a digital paper wad. Hone your skill by throwing the paper into a trash bin - each time timing your release and adjusting your aim according to wind speed. Seems easy initially, but as you progress it can catch you out. Practice of course does improve performance - but this game can be deceptively addictive!

Go bowling without leaving your desk. Another simple but quite effective representation of the real thing - and a terrific time-waster, to boot! Pick your shoes and a ball and off you go. Hover your cursor on the ball and use the white arrow to decide what spin you want to apply. Once you're happy with that, left click on your mouse and watch for a moving red arrow, then release. Fairly easy - until it isn't.

Numbers can be tricky! This game is about as simple as it gets. No frills or fancy graphics. The challenge is to put your cursor over a red box, starting at number one and working through to finish on 33. Trouble is, these squares dash around in a very haphazard manner, making it hard to pick out the target square and land on it. It gets easier as you progress. The fun is in trying to beat your own fastest time.

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