Not Now, Eric

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By Kirby Ferris

Copyright 2009, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

(JPFO addition - read this article on GunNewsDaily, which presents opinion
concerning the fact or fiction over Holder's US guns "flooding" into Mexico.
Further addition 4/2/09 - Fox News article.)

Barack Hussein Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder naively blurted out the other day that he was going to lead the charge to get the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” reinstated.

Mind you, civilian ownership of “assault weapons” (by definition fully automatic firearms) has been legally forbidden to nearly all civilians since 1934. Yes, one can, with great effort, obtain a Class III Federal Firearms License, pay a $200 transfer fee, and, if you can find one, pay an exorbitant amount of money for a pre 1986 machine gun. However, for all intents and purposes, “commoners” can’t own them legally.

But none of that makes any difference to the pandering gun prohibition crowd. They are now, and always have been, the most insidious and manipulative of liars. Their smarmy deceptional dexterity would have made Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels green with envy.

Attorney General Holder’s main argument? To help the Mexican government fight drug cartels.

What?? This is the Attorney General of the United States of America, not Mexico’s Minister of Justice. On top of that, the insanely wealthy Mexican drug kingpins can buy guns from a dozen alternate sources across the globe. Or, they could set up factories and make their own. What a crock. But let me stay on point here…

Holder’s rookie presentation came off so lame and fundamentally misdirected that many Liberals in Congress must have cringed and gritted their teeth.

So… the very next day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi completely refuted Holder’s plan!

It was an intriguing slap on the wrist for Holder, and perhaps a valuable insight for American gun owners.

Pelosi’s implied message to Holder was: “Not now, Eric. The time is not yet ripe.”

Friends, you must understand that the victim disarmament crowd absolutely MUST have another Columbine or Stockton Schoolyard or shopping mall semi-automatic RIFLE massacre to grease the skids of their agenda. As I’ve said before: They don’t want the handguns nearly as fervently as they want the semi-auto rifles.

Additionally, we live in distracting times.

Look at what Obama and the Congress now have on their plate:

1. The economic structure (aka fiat paper money system) of the entire world is headed south. The American economy is the engine that drives the rest of the parade. Insane “stimulus” packages are getting passed with nary a reading of the bills by your elected representatives!

2. Gasoline and diesel prices are ruthlessly draining the flow of productivity and commerce here in America. Obama has to get the price of gas down to a buck a gallon. Nationalize banks? How about nationalizing the oil companies? I’m not advocating this, but, in many ways, fuel is more important than fiat paper money games. Buck-a-gallon gas would give Joe and Jane America, and American industry, some serious breathing space.

3. Both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are immensely expensive, and, in the opinion of many, lost causes. Attempting to import “democracy” into theistic, authoritarian Islamic cultures is hopeless. Those people are willing to blow themselves up to defeat us over there. You CANNOT beat them on their home turf, short of the utter annihilation of their cities and populace. That is called “extermination”, folks. That is not going to happen. That sort of went out with Dresden, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

4. The mortgage crisis is truly FUBAR’d (ask any Marine what that means). We are talking about people getting tossed out of their homes and off their farms. Just like the Great Depression. This tends to bring them out into the streets with pitchforks and axe handles. Oh yes…and maybe a few guns?

5. America has been INVADED (there is no other word) by at least 20 million illegal aliens. This is an immense strain on the American taxpayer, who additionally foots the bill for every child of an illegal alien born in this country. California is the first State to officially go broke, and illegal aliens are one of the blatantly obvious reasons.

6. Our highways, roads, and bridges are destructing before our eyes. Gasoline taxes are supposed to have provided a permanent source of funding for road and bridge repair. But those tax revenues have for decades been diverted into other porky pet political projects.

7. The Social Security System is wobbling dangerously. Lyndon Johnson raided the funds to pay for the Vietnam War, and crafty Congressional embezzling has not stopped since.

I could go on. But why depress ourselves, right?

The short story? Obama and the Congress simply do not have a leg to stand on if they simply step up and start pushing for a ban on the sale of semi automatic rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines. There are too many other very loud noises in the barnyard right now.

“Not now, Eric. The time is not yet ripe.”


With another Columbine or Stockton Schoolyard or shopping mall massacre, the flood gates have opened wide.

Then you’ll see Schumer and Feinstein and McCarthy, spearheaded by Eric Holder, pompously leading the resurrection of the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”. The BATFE will be unleashed into a feeding frenzy of jackbooted injustice. (watch the "Gang Movie" Trailer - purchase the DVD).

American gun owners must NOW take pre-emptive measures. We must be ready for when the next inevitable semi-auto rifle massacre happens. Every gun rights activist must inform at least one other gun owner of this impending strategy against our unalienable right to self defense from tyrannical government.

If your gun owning friend is a “soft” gun owner you must wean them into the fray by first educating them to the true reason for the Second Amendment. JPFO’s educational documentary “2A Today for the U.S.A.” is available FREE for you to use. Simply download it and send it around! Free. Get it?

Thankfully, the Internet is one of our most powerful weapons. JPFO has pioneered the potent use of the Internet with its website. Wait til you see “No Guns for Negroes” (Read letter - donate to film).

I simply cannot imagine how Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder will be able to handle that documentary. Holder wants to talk about race? Okay, we’ll talk about race, Mr. Holder. We’ll disclose how you promote racist “gun control”.

So, BEFORE the next semi-auto rifle massacre takes place, please send this article to any friend or relative who might even remotely be receptive to the idea that Gunless People are not Happy People. (watch the "Innocents Betrayed " Trailer - purchase the DVD).

If we can raise the level of the American consciousness to an awareness of how the semi-auto rifle ban MUST be played out, we will actually be able to thwart it.

Another 9-11 event WILL NOT aid the gun prohibitionists. Americans will flock to gun stores to arm themselves if another horrific terrorist attack occurs. Only a semi-automatic rifle massacre of dozens of innocents by a “lunatic” or “hate filled” lone gunman will achieve the gun prohibitionists’ goal.

I’ve declared the hierarchy of probability before: (See - "You Know it's Coming"):

1. It will be a “lunatic” shooting unarmed white Americans with a semi-auto rifle. This will strike fear into the hearts of “soft” gun owners (who are predominantly white). These are those folks who spout pathetic naïve phrases like “hunters’ rights”.

2. Next in probability will be a “white supremacist” who mows down a crowd of
unarmed black Americans with a semi-auto rifle. This will play out the “racist” card perfectly.

Of course, which classification the perpetrator comes from (generic lunatic or “white supremacist”) we’ll almost certainly not learn what was truly behind the horrific act. Nearly all the perpetrators of such recent crimes conveniently commit suicide. Therefore there is no trial, and no one is sent to prison. Case closed.

Please, spread the word. Pass this article along to everyone you know who might even be remotely receptive to the message, and sensitive to this crucial tipping point in our history. Whether you know it or not, the wolf is at the door.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

See all of Kirby Ferris’ articles.

© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

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