The Big One

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By Kirby Ferris

Copyright 2009, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

What if you wanted to orchestrate the complete destruction of the most influential political, cultural, economic, and legal structure that had been erected in the entire history of human civilization? How would you go about doing it?

Realizing that you are setting out upon something akin to warfare, you would study your various options. Three options present themselves immediately:

Option #1: Direct attack. A ruthless armed “shock and awe” or “blitzkrieg” application of merciless force. In short, open and declared all-out war. The goal is to instill utter horror and terror, and an uncontrollable urge towards unconditional surrender, in the minds and hearts of your target’s population.

Option #2: The “brushfire” approach. Ambushes, sniping, hit-and-run penetrations of the target’s flanks. Call this the “guerilla” technique. Shots are fired, people die. But the goal is to instill in the minds and hearts of the target’s population a fermenting malaise, a sense of queasy insecurity. You seek to inject fear and trepidation, but not debilitating horror, as one would seek to apply in Option #1. Your goal is conditional surrender. You leave a few scraps on the table of the conquered, knowing that, in time, you’ll have them all exactly where you want them.

Option #3: “Without A Shot Being Fired”. Or, more specifically: Psychological warfare. The victims don’t even realize they’ve been defeated (at least until after it is far too late). Your victory has happened so gradually that you’ve never even had to mention the idea of surrender. It’s just happened.

Now let’s discuss the target: The American Political System (aka “The American Way of Life”), as designed more than two hundred years ago.

You, for whatever nefarious reason, seek to destroy the political system that has given more people individual freedom, and opportunity for economic and spiritual advancement, than all other previous systems of government combined. You seek to destroy, once and for all, “The American Experiment”.

What must you be rid of before everything else will bow to your will? It’s really pretty simple: You must degrade, erode, and finally disintegrate, The Bill of Rights. How do you know this? Because, more than two hundred years ago, a group of men devised an ingenious method of stopping you! They knew that you, and yours, would arise from the pestilent nether regions of humanity and would INEVITABLY seek to impose your will upon the Nation’s masses.

However, you cannot attack The Bill of Rights head on. Way too obvious. What you need to do is destroy the foundation of the rest of the structure. And what is that foundation?

What one aspect of The Bill of Rights, if destroyed, will send the rest of the Noble Edifice tumbling to earth like the World Trade Center towers?

The naïve liberals amongst your intended victims would say “Freedom of Speech”. The naïvely religious would say “Freedom of Religion”. The naïvely legalistic would pontificate upon prohibitions against illegal search and seizure, or forced self incrimination. But the hardheaded, common sense realists, your only real opponents, see the true foundation of the Bill of Rights: The Second Amendment. (See "2A Today for The USA")

So you, the would-be Overlord, must throw everything you have in your arsenal of psychological warfare tricks against the “Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms”. It’s so obvious! An unarmed adversary is no adversary at all!

A brief history of your successes to date:

1. The Gun Control Act of 1934. You (along with the willing support of the NRA, it should be added) were able, via the debacle of alcohol Prohibition and the resultant “gangland shootings”, to virtually confiscate every fully automatic firearm from the civilian population. That’s a really big first step.

Now you can have machine guns, and, for all intents and purposes, “the little people” can’t. (Okay, let them own a machine gun after paying a $200 tax per gun, submit to an incredibly detailed personal registration, and then limit them to only exorbitantly costly pre 1986 full autos. Oh yes, and ignore the word “infringe” while you’re at it.)

You got the masses to fear Al Capone and his goons (even though they were shooting mostly other gangsters) more than you. What a brilliant maneuver. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Let’s play rocket scientist for a moment. What you have just achieved is “lift off”. You have successfully ignited and jettisoned the “first stage booster” of your “gun control” rocket.

But there are three more ignitions to go if you want to achieve your coveted “orbital velocity”, the entire gutting of The Second Amendment.

2. The Gun Control Act of 1968. Remember, this is psychological warfare. It is indirect. It can’t strike overtly. It must resonate with the fearful emotional tones of the populace.

First comes the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. This event threw Americans into an emotional turmoil from which they still haven’t fully recovered.

Next, in 1966, comes Charles Whitman in the Texas Clock Tower. 14 dead, 32 wounded. (No one seems to point out that many innocent lives were saved by armed civilians shooting back at Whitman from the ground … but let’s not let fundamental details inhibit us.)

Then, in 1968 you have the shootings of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. A marvelously sinister creature has now arisen: “The Lone Gunman”. And you step in to lap up every morsel of opportunity from the traumatic state of affairs, don’t you? “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

You strike quickly! You copy the Nazi German “gun control” laws nearly verbatim, and inject the “Gun Control Act of 1968” into America’s bloodstream. (See the book "Gun Control" - Gateway to Tyranny)

The masses have become fearful. They turn to their trusted “leaders” for security. This is the time to begin to initiate a system of universal firearms registration. Oh and, by the way, the NRA will gladly help you “structure” the legislation. BATFE form #4473. What a gem of deceit! “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

You have now successfully ignited and jettisoned the “second stage booster” of your “gun control” rocket.

Okay, now sit back for a while and be patient. Patience is a very important ingredient in your recipe. You need to fire off two more “booster stages” of your rocket. But ignition must take place at exactly the right moment.

3. The so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994 (AWB I). Your poster boy is nut case Patrick Purdy. Your “proving grounds” is a Stockton, California schoolyard. And the innocent victims aren’t public figures or politicians. They are school children.

What a coup! You have now made the ownership of a firearm invented in 1885 (the semi automatic rifle) illegal in America! The “rocket fuel” used? The perverse behavior of one crazed “Lone Gunman” on a school yard. Brilliant. You can’t believe how gullible the American people have become in so short a time. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

And where is the NRA in all this? Cuddling up to your dearest group of thugs, the BATFE! The NRA is now actually assisting the “Goons of Gun Control”. By cooperating with these troglodyte authoritarians, your so-called “staunchest opponent” is actually helping you disarm the citizenry! (See, the NRA letter pdf file.)

You have now ignited and jettisoned the “third stage booster” of your “gun control” rocket. You are approaching “escape velocity”.

You have only one more “stage” of your rocket to fire, the rocket engine of the space craft itself.

4. “The Assault Weapons Ban of 2010” (AWB II) and across-the-board universal gun registration in America.

But, for this to happen, you need “the mother of all gun massacres”. It’s getting late in the ball game. You need “The Big One”.

(Anyone from the West Coast knows that “The Big One” refers to the catastrophic earthquake predicted by geologists.)

Yeah, you got Obama, and his duplicitous Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, into the White House. You’ve got an Attorney General who will flush the Second Amendment at a moment’s notice. You’ve got a Congress filled with vermin like McCarthy, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer and Lautenberg. And you’ve got a teetering Supreme Court.

And, maybe most importantly, you’ve got your shills in the “Mainstream Media” keeping the “gun control” lie alive.

On the other hand? AWB I expired and wasn’t renewed. That bothersome Heller Decision. A completely unforeseen, mostly pro Second Amendment, decision from the 9th Circuit Court (Nordyke v. King) .

The natives are restless. Millions of Americans are flocking to buy guns and ammo. They are starting to smell a rat.

Yep, you need “The Big One” pretty soon.

What’s the delay? Where is today’s Charles Whitman or Patrick Purdy? Without a lunatic’s help, you’ll never get your “gun control” space ship into orbit.

Can you count on the millions of Americans ingesting mind bending, mood tweaking prescription drugs to provide you with a candidate? Maybe.

Can you count on a tanking economy and the desperation of unemployment and home foreclosures to bring a candidate to the surface? Maybe.

Or … are you going to have to actually CREATE a candidate? You really don’t want to have to take this chance. But, if you must… After all, as your mentor Saul Alinsky (read The Hidden Weapon of "Gun Control" Advocates) and his sociopathic predecessors taught you, the end justifies the means.

You absolutely must take down this pesky idea called “The Armed Citizen” and that silly, antiquated Bill of Rights.

Just hope that Americans don’t look too deeply into the megalomaniacal eyes of Dianne “I’ll Pick The Time” Feinstein and the rest of the victim disarmament vultures.

Hah! Americans actually believe that Osama Bin Laden or some tin pan dictator half a world away are their only enemies. Their short sighted gullibility is simply stunning. So get ready to take full advantage of “The Big One”. Try to be patient. Soon enough it will be: “Houston, we have orbit.”

Gerbil America will squeal in terror. They’ll come groveling to you for “protection”. They’ll finally be ready to lick your boots.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

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© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

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