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January 24, 2005

Has the BATFE declared war
against an American Gun Maker?



Has the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms decided to conduct a personal vendetta against one courageous American gun maker -- simply because he confirmed their notorious ineptitude? Has the agency decided to commit yet another "Economic Waco" by trying to put yet another gun maker or gun dealer out of business?

See the documentation and decide for yourself. You’ll find it here on JPFO’s web site. But we believe the evidence is clear.

Len Savage is the owner of Historic Arms LLC, which makes semi-automatic replicas of famous firearms like the Bren he donated to JPFO as a fundraiser. He is also one of the few gun makers with enough gumption to confront the BATFE when he knows it’s wrong.

Len provided JPFO with the explosive footage for "BATFE Fails the Test", which shows a BATFE agent trying to prove an ordinary, legal, semi-automatic rifle is a "illegal machine gun." Len is the cowboy-hatted man you’ll see in the film, calmly, expertly taking the rifle -- and the BATFE’s claims -- apart.

On January 3, JPFO announced the existence of this one-of- a-kind footage to the world. On January 5, Sterling Nixon sent Len a letter decreeing that Len’s latest creation was an "unlicensed machine gun." The BATFE confiscated the firearm and prevented Len from delivering a $50,000 order.

According to Len, a BATFE bureaucrat had already told him privately that the agency could — and would — ruin him by declaring every, single firearm he ever made to be a machine gun.

Again, the evidence backs up Len’s claim. Two years ago, the BATFE declared that Historic Arms rifles with nearly the identical characteristics of today’s "illegal machine gun" were legal, semi-automatic rifles. Those BATFE declarations, along with the latest one and Len’s response, are among the documents posted in our Savage Evidence File.

There aren’t many men today who would defy the very government agency that determines whether or not they’re "allowed" to make a living. Len is one of the few -- and we should not, and must not, let one of this country’s remaining voices of courage and conviction within the gun- manufacturing trade be silenced.


Len has persuaded his congressman, Phil Gingrey, to sponsor legislation requiring that every BATFE weapon test be videotaped from now on. The video footage shown in the JPFO documentary saved a man named John Glover from complete ruination by the BATFE.

But information we’ve received indicates that the BATFE may already be planning to circumvent any such legislation.

In other words, the tape Len Savage gave to JPFO may be the last of its kind. Other photographic evidence of BATFE ineptitude may be hidden for years behind a wall of bureaucratic arrogance. Yes, some of these tapes might come out at trials. In other cases, persistent researchers with years to spend prying documents out of the government via the Freedom of Information Act may eventually be able to unearth other tapes, long after the BATFE has done its damage. But it’s likely that JPFO’s footage clearly showing the BATFE’s destructive folly will be the only documentary of its kind for many years to come.


Millions of gun owners have voted for the "lesser of two evils" year after year -- and this is the result. An agency that has been allowed to run amok for decades is still wreaking its havoc four years into a "gun-friendly" Republican administration. This same "gun-friendly" administration also developed a program, Project Safe Neighborhoods, intended to put 700 state and federal prosecutors to work -- solely focused on "gun crimes."

The careers of these prosecutors prosper when the BATFE targets innocents like John Glover. These anti-gun men and women, placed in power by a Republican administration, will benefit if the BATFE eventually decides to try to put Len Savage in prison. They benefit if the BATFE comes after YOU.

So what do we do about it? STOP putting our energies into supporting evil (even "lesser evil") and focus on alerting every American gun owner we can find, every community decision-maker, every judge, every defense attorney to the evil that’s going on within the BATFE.

Otherwise, you can look in the mirror and say, "Welcome to the police state." Because the BATFE’s tactics are police- state tactics. Hiding evidence of wrongdoing is a police- state tactic. And destroying gun owners is a police-state tactic -- perhaps the ultimate tactic before the police state can seize full power.

Get a VHS or (better) a DVD copy of "The BATFE Fails the Test." Show it at your gun club. Show it in school classes on history or law. Sit your attorney down with it. Send copies to anyone who has the power to put a stop to the BATFE’s rampaging evil (be aware, however, that in DC all mail - including DVDs and CDs - is irradiated to the point of uselessness. Phone, fax and email are the only ways to contact your "representatives").

The momentum is with us now. There’s a vast, rumbling underground movement building. It’s growing and getting ready to rise up in righteous fury against the BATFE. This movement reaches from the firearms factories of Europe and Asia (whose exports to the U.S. may be confiscated and declared arbitrarily illegal) to the gun shops of America - - all the way up to the halls of Congress.

But the people who have the legal power to stop the BATFE won’t stop it unless We the People rouse ourselves and insist that we will not put up with it any more.

Buy the documentary. Use the menu on the DVD to give your audience a five-minute view of the worst of the BATFE’s ineptitude. Get mad. Get others as angry as you are. Then join the roar to STOP THE BATFE.

Tapes or DVDs are just $17.76 postpaid from JPFO. Each one comes with a the BATFE’s confiscation report in the Glover case, Len Savage’s expert-witness summary, and a copy of Gran’pa Jack #8 "Is America Becoming a Police State?"

Contact information:

Whitesides & Walker,LLP
212 S.Tryon St.
Suite 980
Charlotte,N.C. 28012

Historic Arms L.L.C.
1486 cherry Rd.
Franklin, GA 30217
(706) 675-0287


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