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BATFE Fails the Test



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BATFE Fails the Test

The film you were never meant to see!


"I highly recommend this DVD as solid evidence of what we are up against as battle rifle owners. Show it to every government supremacist you know. If we can damage their faith in Government’s integrity, then Liberty may have a chance. " – Boston T. Party

Raw, uncut footage of BATFE agents testing a semi-automatic firearm for alleged "modification" to full-automatic capability. What happens when the BATFE "expert" is confronted by a knowledgeable firearms expert?

If you own a semi-automatic firearm, what happens in this film could happen to YOU!

BATFE Fails the Test is available now for $17.76 VHS or DVD. Price includes postage. With your purchase, you’ll receive a copy of the exam report by the defense’s expert witness, demolishing the BATFE’s position. We’ll also include a FREE copy of our Gran'pa Jack booklet #8, "Is America Becoming a Police State?", a $3 value!

For more details about BATFE Fails the Test, read our "Common Sense" column in the January '05 issue of Shotgun News.


BATFE Fails the Test
$17.76 postpaid


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