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January 2nd, 2012

After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns

By Rabbi Judah Freeman, JPFO Staff Writer. ©JPFO Inc 2013


On December 28, 2012, the Forward published an article entitled "After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns: Lawmakers and Community Play Key Role in Debate" by Larry Cohler-Esses. The article presents a sad and frightening snapshot of a self-important corner of the Jewish world in America.

Cohler-Esses boasts that Jews have "a lead role as the nation debates federal measures to rein in mass murders at its malls and schools." He describes how "the new openness to legislation and other measures following the slaughter" in Nowtown "is welcomed by most Jewish organizations, which have long supported gun control." The "most Jewish organizations" that he names are B'nai B'rith International, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

Those outside of the Jewish world can be forgiven for not realizing how unrepresentative of authentic Jewish tradition these organizations are; those inside the Jewish world -- like the Forward and Cohler Esses -- cannot.

B'nai B'rith International is a humanitarian organization established in the 1840s to provide for widows and orphans. It has built libraries, helped the homeless, established orphanages, and provided relief efforts globally. B'nai B'rith fights antisemitism and anti-Israel bias and has provided humanitarian relief in over 50 countries; it also fights for human rights. But apparently B'nai B'rith does not include in its list of "human rights" the right to defend yourself and family; they have joined in efforts to call for a ban of so-called "assault weapons" -- exactly like those used by business owners to protect their persons and properties during the LA riots of the 1990s. Let's be clear: while B'nai B'rith may be an organization of Jews, it does not represent authentic Jewish views on the issue of self-defense, views the JPFO has long clarified in articles like "Why Jews Hate Guns".

Next on Cohler-Esses' agenda is the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Its mission? "To safeguard the rights of Jews here and around the world; to dedicate ourselves to the safety and security of the state of Israel; and to protect, preserve and promote a just American society, one that is democratic and pluralistic." Yet somehow these "rights" do not include "the right of the people to keep and bear arms"; somehow a "just American society" is not one in which you and I can have the tools to defend ourselves and our loved ones; somehow this "pluralistic" vision precludes law-abiding, honest, good people from firearms ownership. Once again, while the JCPA may be an organization established by Jews, it ignores Torah teachings on self-defense -- teachings like The Ten Commandments of Self-Defense.

Finally, we have the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Self-described as "the hub of Jewish social justice and legislative activity in Washington", somehow "social Justice" precludes a woman fighting off an intended rapist with a handgun. Oddly, "the hub" which claims to represent American Jewry is only backed by the "1.5 million Reform Jews" -- or less than 20% of American Jewry. And let us not forget that these same Reform Jews claim that Torah is not the word of G-d and that Jewish Law does not apply to Jews today -- or in other words, their "Jewish social justice" exists outside of Jewish tradition.

The Forward piece is honest about one issue: "('gun-control') activists are fighting to seize the moment and get gun control back on the front burner." Or in other words, like the Brady Bunch, these Jewish activists are dancing on the graves of Newtown, using the deaths as a springboard to promote an anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-Liberty agenda.

Let's be clear: when it comes to Jews and firearms, there is only one organization in America for whom this issue is written into their mission statement, and that is JPFO. We have been and remain the only authentic Jewish voice on this issue -- a voice informed by Jewish law, religious tradition, Jewish history (See -- "No Guns for Jews"), as well as American history and the Constitution. Unfortunately, the Forward and other tools of power would rather misrepresent Judaism to promote their agenda than tell you the truth.

We have always spoken that truth, and we will continue to do so. The JPFO is the only legitimate Jewish voice on the issue of so-called "gun control", and we appreciate your support in making us so.

Rabbi Judah Freeman
Staff Writer

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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