December 23rd 2013

How Do We Know Guns Save Lives?

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The gun-grabbers seem to invariably make the case that all gun incidents involve shooting and death - obviously that is the strongest statement to assist them in their mission to disarm law-abiding people. As many logical thinking folks are aware, that is far from the truth and it is quite viable to state that when the simple presentation of a firearm stops an incident, then lives can be saved. Rob Morse looks at this subject.

A gun is probably the ultimate deterrent and fortunately when a cowardly potential attacker sees his proposed victim is armed, does an about turn and flees. Less often, the armed attacker may start shooting and then, it is the armed civilian who can limit that action and again, potentially save lives of innocents in the area. Anti-freedom people rarely if ever are prepared to see the plus side of guns at all.

Some analysis and examples help make this case -->

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