If you want to keep your
gun rights, take them seriously

By Gary Cosby Jr. June 21st, 2019

Every time someone is killed with a firearm, one side of the political aisle shouts for gun control and the other side shouts against it.

The truth is that these arguments about gun control are nothing more than doubletalk by politicians who would like very much to end gun violence. The problem is that they are powerless to do so. You can make all the laws you want, but it will not change the culture, and it will not reduce the number of firearms already in circulation. Worst of all, gun control laws don't impact those who are obtaining guns illegally.

Then there is the Bill of Rights, which grants Americans the right to have firearms and doesn't put limitations or stipulations on that right, so any bill that is passed could be challenged in court. .....

Addendum: Please note - the above improperly defines the Bill of Rights - see a clarification.

An opinion on guns, safety and the uselessness of 'gun control' when it comes to preventing violence. The Second Amendment is and continues to be under attack, arguably even more so in the current political climate - the aim as ever is achieving disarmament and control, turning law abiding citizens into subjects.


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