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Stewart Rhodes Article Archive



(NOTE: Articles in this series may contain time-expired links.)

An Unpleasant Legal Analysis
Bush Admin Lawyers Attack Second Amendment - Saluted By Brady Campaign!

Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combat Status - (PDF Format)
In the war on terrorism, the very concept of what is a war and who can be an "enemy" has been expanded to fighting groups and individuals as well as nation states and their populations.

Government Supremacists - Neocons: The National Security New Dealers
The first step toward wisdom is to call something by its rightful name. Men such as John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Viet Dinh, and the other Bush legal theorists are not just executive supremacists who think that the president, as commander in chief, is unrestrained by Congress or the courts.

Killing Children
This is outrageous! Just because they suspect there might be al Qaeda in the house, and just because they get some fire, they flatten the whole place, killing women and children?

Bush and Neocons: President is King
re: "Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement In addendum to law, he says oversight rules are not binding" - The Boston Globe, Boston Globe, 3/24/06

Kansas Concealed Carry: A Start
It is great that the people of Kansas now have some way to carry a weapon for self defense without risking going to prison, but frankly, the right to bear arms is just that: It is a right.

The Freedom of One’s House
Searches without a showing of probable cause before a judge, known as writs of assistance or general warrants …

Founders on Warrantless Searches
Further evidence that the Founding Generation thought warrantless searches were inherently unreasonable, oppressive, and contrary to liberty.


E. Stewart Rhodes, ex-paratrooper, disabled vet, ex-firearms instructor, former Ron Paul staff member, Yale Law grad/Research Scholar, & Montana/Nevada lawyer. Stewart has written for Gerry Spence’s The Warrior, for, writes the Enemy at the Gate column for S.W.A.T. Magazine, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people in the "war on terror." Stewart is NOT a liberal, unless you want to consider him a classical liberal.


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