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Bush and Neocons: President is King



By Stewart Rhodes

re:  "Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement  In addendum to law, he says oversight rules are not binding"   The Boston Globe,  Boston Globe, 3/24/06 

With Bush’s approval ratings hovering around 35% and Republican candidates running from him as quickly as they can, the neocons, who pull this lame duck’s strings, are conducting a constitutional scorched earth policy.  This policy is driven by the neocons’ perverse fetish for unlimited unitary executive power, even if it means handing over such unlimited power to a Democrat in 2008 (Heil Hillary! anyone?).

Why would the neocons do that?  Because neocon loyalty is not to party or even ideas or principles.  They loyalty is to power.  The neocon dream legacy is to fully destroy the Founders’ Constitution and to insert the Fuhrer Principle into the American system of government.  Period.

They don’t give a damn about our republic or whether the president is a Republican or Democrat, so long as the power itself is expanded and then preserved.   Neocons are the modern version of monarchists, and for them, the presidency is our monarchy (just to be nice, I won’t use the other more obvious and recent historical analogy).  Neocons couldn’t care less about which political party controls our "parliament" and ultimately don’t care who is The Leader, so long as we have one.  To them, any king is better than no king.

P.S.  These signing statements are the equivalent of writing "N/A" across the front of the bill and a then spiffy little arrow pointing to Bush’s signature, letting the world know he has exempted himself from the law.

Stewart Rhodes

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E. Stewart Rhodes, ex-paratrooper, disabled vet, ex-firearms instructor, former Ron Paul staff member, Yale Law grad/Research Scholar, & Montana/Nevada lawyer. Stewart has written for Gerry Spence’s The Warrior, for, writes the Enemy at the Gate column for S.W.A.T. Magazine, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people in the "war on terror." Stewart is NOT a liberal, unless you want to consider him a classical liberal.


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