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October 23, 2002

The Failure of the Government Protection Hoax

Innocents continue to die and the Beltway sniper taunts, "Your children are not safe." Meanwhile, millions of disarmed citizens naively rely on a government that obviously can't protect them.

A sniper is a menace that's difficult for anyone to combat, but we wonder just how bold this sneaky shooter would be if he knew that witnesses might be walking around with carbines with folding stocks strapped to their backs -- or that citizens might greet him with a volley of pistol fire. (Some of this coward's shots have apparently been taken from within the range of a good pistol shooter.)

Instead of protecting themselves, the disarmed citizens of east coast "gun control" havens cower in their homes in terror and keep their children out of school.

Instead of being overwhelmed by strong and watchful citizens, the sniper teases police. And the police, in their desperation to catch him, have taken to randomly handcuffing innocent men who happen to have the wrong skin color and be driving the wrong color of van. (See the photo.)

No Legal Responsibility to Protect You

No doubt the police of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia would like to stop the sniper and protect the citizens. But they can't -- and they have no legal responsibility to do so. The myth of police protection is one of the cruelest lies and most widespread misperceptions in America today.

In fact, in most places, police don't even have a duty to show up when you call 911! And courts have ruled again and again that police have NO responsibility to protect you from any threat, no matter how well-known or obvious. Attorney Richard W. Stevens exploded the illusion of government protection in his book Dial 911 and Die: The Shocking Truth About the Police Protection Myth (see

He did it again in his examination of Zelig vs. County of Los Angeles ( -- a blatant case in which the County of Los Angeles forced a woman to come to a courthouse to confront a man who had repeatedly made threats against her. Police had made no attempt to disarm the man. But when the man -- predictably -- shot the woman to death right in the very center of "law and order" -- the California Supreme Court said that was just fine. The shooter was at fault, but the police and other legal authorities were not.

The Only Reliable Long-Term Protection

No society is ever free from all threats and dangers. Evil people do their deeds in the best of societies. But it should be obvious by now that evil people get away with the most evil deeds in places where they know that law-abiding citizens are forbidden to protect themselves.

Columbine -- a gun-free school zone.

September 11, 2001 -- gun-free airports and airplanes.

And now, a sniper rampaging through the heart of one of the nation's strictest "gun-control" zones.

When are we going to get the connection?

This is the fact: If you want to really protect yourself, you need to bring about a Bill of Rights culture.

In a Bill of Rights culture, you'll be free to carry the weapons you need to defend yourself, your family, and your community. Potential criminals are going to have to weigh the risk to themselves any time they think about doing their evil deeds. In a Bill of Rights culture, people will understand that they are responsible for themselves, that they are free adults, not passive children huddling under a nanny-government's skirts.

Until we have a culture that understands, respects, and lives by the entire Bill of Rights, you can count on more of this craziness. And more of the horrible helplessness that goes with it.



Some tools for helping to build a Bill of Rights culture:

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