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January 15, 2007

Credit Where Credit is Due

The periodical _New Gun Week_ recently published an article entitled "ATF Confirms It Does Not Have Firearm Testing Manual."

Sound familiar? It should.

JPFO broke this story back in October _2005_ with our publication of the Congressional Research Service's internal, not-meant-for-public-consumption memo. You can read it yourself at .

The _New Gun Week_ article appears in their January 1, 2007 edition. It specifically mentions the John Glover case, which JPFO broke in January 2005 in conjunction with Len Savage, who played a crucial role in bringing this sham to light. You can read more about the Glover case at and . You can also view the actual video that vindicated John Glover -- while exposing the ineptitude and deceit of the ATF for all the world to see -- by viewing our DVD, _BATFE Fails the Test_ ( ).

We're always delighted when a story develops "legs." The more people who learn about this travesty of justice, and the danger of the BATFE, the better. But we also appreciate it when fellow pro-gun organizations such as _New Gun Week_ give credit where credit is due.

Hopefully, failure by _New Gun Week_ to mention JPFO's critical part in this development was a mere oversight.

- The Liberty Crew

PS Don't forget about our upcoming documentary _The Gang_, in which we expose the full extent of the capriciousness, ineptitude, and even malice that permeates the BATFE. Visit or

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