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March 13, 2007

Alerts Generate Numerous Responses

We received a flurry of responses on two of our alerts last week: "The Airlines' Dirty Laundry" ( and "UN Ignores Own Declaration of Human Rights" ( You can read the responses to the UN article at , and the responses to the airlines article here: .

One of the most common questions we received in regard to the airline article was which airline had harassed the gun owner who followed all the TSA rules. Further inquiry revealed that it was Northwest Airlines. That said, we'd like to note that this type of incident is not limited to Northwest; indeed, it was a local sheriff's deputy who continued and escalated Joyce's harassment. Of course, such harassment and contempt for gun owners is encouraged by the TSA and other federal agencies who have mandated that airlines disarm their passengers and leave them helpless.

Ironically, today's news contains this article from the Associated Press: "Airport Screening Up After Gun Incident" ( or ). From the article:

"Orlando International Airport will begin screening all employees who enter secure areas after baggage handlers were accused of smuggling guns aboard a commercial airliner last week."

Apparently the airlines are too busy tormenting law-abiding gun owners to bother checking on their own employees.

If you wish to boycott Northwest for their treatment of Joyce, we certainly have no objection. But perhaps a more meaningful action would be to boycott ALL airlines until our right to self-defense is respected. And let them know why.

- The Liberty Crew

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