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July 6, 2007

NRA Alert Draws Response

Our June 27 alert, "Is the NRA On Its Knees to Please?" ( ) resulted in a large number of responses from our readership. Overwhelmingly, the emails agreed with our stance that compromise is not an effective tactic.

Said one email, "The NRA called me the other day asking for a donation to stop the gun-grabbers. I told them to call me back when they're no longer among them. "

Another reader responded, "Continuing to support the NRA because they are supposedly the biggest 'advocate' of gun rights is like supporting Hitler because he was supposedly a great environmentalist."

You can read these and more at .

Now is not the time to be "on your knees to please," when even more threats to our rights loom on the horizon. Just this week, for example, OSHA has proposed a draconian regulatory rule on ammunition. Visit and (or ) for more information. This latter article is especially important because it lists things YOU can do.

Stop the gun-grabbers. Stop the compromise. Keep your freedom.

- The Liberty Crew


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