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March 12th 2009

We Warned You

By Kirby Ferris

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. © JPFO 2009

Samson, Alabama: A white male, with semi-auto rifle, goes on a shooting spree. At last report, all the UNARMED victims were white.

Please see JPFO alert posted March 2nd.

After that has refreshed your memory, see an earlier JPFO alert of Feb. 9th.

Note the hierarchy of probability: White “lone gunman” shooting UNARMED white victims. Review the reasoning.

And, as so often happens, the perpetrator shot himself. No trial. Nobody in jail to interrogate. Case closed.

As the Schumers, Feinsteins, McCarthys and the Eric Holders (now might be the time, Eric) stir the panic, the hue and cry for more “gun control” will arise from the gun prohibitionists. Remember that you were warned.

The same strategy works even faster in Europe. The day before Samson, Alabama, a lunatic slaughtered UNARMED German victims with a pistol. This immediately set off a firestorm of even more draconian “gun control” measures in several countries. Even the once proud Swiss have now slid down the sucker slope.

I will still claim that Americans, in the realm of personal firearms ownership, are the least sheeplike of all the citizens of the world. On that issue, it takes a bit longer to sucker us. And why is that? Maybe, just maybe, it is because of the Second Amendment. Learn about “2A”. Learn what the “gun nut” Founders of our nation put in place to protect your very survival. "2A For the USA" - It’s a free download. Pass it around.

The #2 probability of a semi-auto rifle massacre was a white “lone gunman” mowing down a whole lot of UNARMED black victims with a semi-auto rifle. This will allow the victim disarmament vultures the chance to play their “racist” card. JPFO will soon provide you with the needed “intellectual ammunition” to blast these cackling pontificators - "No Guns For Negroes"

It’s a sad day in America. Those victims in Samson, Alabama were the heart and soul of what has made America (despite our many sins and foibles) the greatest nation in history. May the memories of those who died there serve to drive us to more fiercely protect our freedoms…instead of surrendering them like the foolish, pitiful sheep of Europe.

The Liberty Crew

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