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October 25th 2010

Get a Second Amendment Lawyer for $99.00!!!



If you're a concealed carry permit holder and are involved in a self defense shooting, you ARE going to need a lawyer to protect you from over zealous police, district attorneys and our main stream media enemies.

Please take a moment and learn more about a service that we call the "TRIPLE A for 2A". Click here and take action. Don't let yourself go unprotected one more day.

When you sign up for legal service you receive a FREE annual membership to JPFO for first year, or your choice of either the"Innocents Betrayed" DVD that shows the connection between gun registration and government sponsored genocide, or "The Gang" DVD that shows the criminal behavior of BATFE employees. Each film is a $29.95 value.



Have you watched "No Guns For Jews" yet? Pay close attention to the strategy we have created for you to use to put our enemies on the defensive and in doing so, abolish "gun control". Read many comments we have received. The "No Guns For Jews" homepage is here.



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