September 23rd 2012

Commemorative Bill of Rights Sentinel


Boost Your Income plus the Second Amendment
with Publicity in the Bill of Rights Sentinel

Dear Shooting Industry and JPFO Supporters,

You now have a dynamic new avenue to promote your products and services to a highly qualified shooting audience.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) is proud to announce publication of the first commemorative edition of the Bill of Rights Sentinel which will soon be in production. This special issue honors Aaron Zelman, JPFO founder and visionary director for 21 years. He has passed from this world: may his memory be for a blessing.

(Many of you already know of JPFO and Aaron's heroic acomplishments -- frequently working alone and with a bare-bones budget. For the remarkably impressive summary, please refer to our "23 Years of Fighting for Your Freedoms".)

Triple Your Advertising Dollar Value

The Commemorative issue will be jam-packed with in-depth articles and features by some of the top industry and gun rights activists, including Alan Korwin, L. Neil Smith, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, and Claire Wolfe, to name but a few.

So how do I triple my advertising dollar?

While the initial press run is 10,000 for immediate needs, plans are to keep this valuable Second Amendment soon-to-be "classic" in active circulation possibly into late 2013 -- if not longer. We estimate this will require another 20,000 copies.

... This gives you an already very low cost, tightly focused media buy for a 10,000 circulation, with the planned bonus 20,000 copies of "free" advertising value.

Where will the press overruns go?

Through JPFO's grass roots network of members, company supporters, and friendly organizations, ongoing bulk distributions will take place at gun shows, gun clubs, conventions, public ranges, competitions, and in synagogues and churches.

Special Ad Requirements for a Jewish Publication

Not at all. JPFO was organized as a special effort to educate individual Jews, the Jewish media and politicians -- the majority tragically at the forefront of anti-gun owner rights efforts -- on the evils of "gun control"; the very kinds of laws in direct violation of Torah and Biblical laws; so making police states and genocides possible, while victimizing peaceful citizens.

However, the JPFO message is so hard-hitting and uncompromising; specifically, the official stated goal to kill "gun control", that we have earned enthusiastic help from across the religious and cultural spectrums.

JPFO has produced educational literature, novels and documentaries that are proven to be among the most devastating effective resources available to the pro-freedom community at large. These tools have been used by hundreds of special interest subsets -- from individuals to high profile national organizations.

Please commit today

Aaron Zelman was devoted to levels of efficiency representing a highly multiplied impact by every dollar received. Now you have virtually the same opportunity ... both for your advertising dollars and Second Amendment support.

With this we offer our Advertiser Rate Card. To reserve your space and answers to any questions, simply call our office and ask for the Sentinel Business Editor, at (800)-869-1884.

In Liberty

Charles Heller, Executive Director, JPFO
We put the gunpowder in "Never Again"

P.S. You don't have to be in the firearms business to consider a Bill of Rights Sentinel ad. Businesses and professions offering a wide range of products and services can benefit. Readers will see your ad as evidence of your Second Amendment commitment.

P.P.S. Visit our website to watch the insightful and inspiring video message from JPFO's Rabbinic Director, Dovid Bendory. At the bottom of the JPFO home page, note our new cartoon character, Buster Bullet. He is leading the charge in our new campaign to educate the public on the dangerous fallacies of magazine capacity bans.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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