Guns Belong on Campus ..
and everywhere else

By Rob Morse. January 23rd, 2017
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Some academics and newspaper editors think privately owned firearms don’t belong on campus. That is an interesting point for an intellectual discussion. In fact, the criminals who bring their guns on campus don’t care what academics and editors think. What really matters to us is what the criminals actually do, and so far, the thugs are laughing at our “no guns” signs. This comes as a shock to the ivory tower and the press. Here is another shock: privately owned firearms work as tools of self-defense, and gun owners use them responsibly. I bet the professors and editors don’t believe me. Guns belong on campus and here is why.

Laws don’t stop criminals. We do.

  • Mass murder is illegal, but that didn’t stop the muslim murderer on an Ohio campus late last year. A gun stopped him.
  • Mass murder wasn’t allowed in an Orlando nightclub. A gun stopped that muslim murderer as well. Too bad the victims were disarmed by Florida laws.
  • Rape isn’t allowed on campus. That hasn’t stopped sexual assault on campus, but an armed victim is ten times less likely to be raped than an unarmed victim. (The comparison isn’t entirely fair since armed citizens don’t drink in public, and some rape victims are intoxicated.)

I’ve heard anti-rights activists say that violence doesn’t solve problems. That doesn’t match my experience. .......

This revisits the thorny subject of carry on campus. Thus far there have been a few instances where this has been sanctioned but overall the majority of colleges still refuse to see the logic. "Gun-free-zones" remain a major source of weakness when it comes to survival from an armed shooter, and yet progressives for the most part fail to see through their anti-rights fog, and progress is still way to slow.

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