Multnomah Declares War On Gun Owners

Thanks are due to JPFO member James Farmer, for passing on this information. It appears to illustrate a deliberate abuse of the 'justice' system - whereby deceit, false statements as a smear campaign and blatant Second Amendment infringement, transforms a clear and legitimate self defense situation, into a fabricated conviction. This is shared because 'justice' when so obviously distorted, needs to be brought to the attention of all.

From Oregon Firearms Federation. February 13th, 2017

By now many of you know that Mike Strickland, a pro-gun, freelance journalist was convicted of 21 counts of self defense on Friday, Feb.10.

Strickland had been attacked by a mob in Portland while covering a "Black Lives Matter" protest. The attack was planned and coordinated in advance.

You can read more about it here. Victoria Taft has done an outstanding job of documenting the attack and the trial and you can see that here.

In truth, Mike was convicted the moment he was arrested by Portland Police for defending himself against the same kind of mobsters who have trashed Portland repeatedly. Their criminal actions are rarely punished by a county "Justice System " that encourages rioting and looting but creates political prisoners of people who attempt to defend themselves from criminal attack.

From the moment he was arraigned it was clear the fix was in. As soon as the D.A.'s office in Multnomah County realized who Mike was, they began to assure he would never get a fair trial. And they succeeded.

Mike's bail was set at an astonishing and unprecedented quarter of a million dollars! .......

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