Smart Guns Prove People Aren't

By David Lombardo. May 16th, 2017

Why is it that every crazy gun control scheme begins with a reference to children? You can take it to the bank when a liberal says, "It's for the children," that they're about to introduce something totally illogical and use kids as a distractor.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is doubling down on smart gun technology proving people aren't very smart.

"How many more kids have to die," the New York Democrat asks in a press release. "How many more police officers have to be killed with their own weapon before we come to our senses?" The emotional distractor is to cover up Maloney's resurrection of the old Smart Gun technology bill.

This time, Maloney would require Smart Gun technology to become the law of the land. It stipulates that within five years of the bill's enactment, all new guns would be required to incorporate the flawed technology. If that's not bad enough, Maloney has also included a mandate that within 10 years, if you want to transfer or sell your handgun, it must be retrofitted with the technology. .......

This old cherry keeps resurfacing over and over. Its proponents seem besotted with the idea that all guns can be made safe and rendered inert from other than authorized use - making the dangerous assumption that unproven technology can be 100% reliable. In fact, to depend on such as electronics is decidedly dangerous when it's obvious that failures are possible, if not probable - thus the very time a firearm is needed 'in extremis' it might well fail and lives be lost. Sorry folks, "smart" just isn't.

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