Armed Civilians Don't Train the
Way They Fight, But They Will

By Rob Morse. May 28th, 2017
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When it comes to self-defense, there is always a trade-off between realism and safety. We don’t train the way we want to fight. That may change as technology goes up and prices come down to let civilians afford more realism in their self-defense training. For a long time we set aside realism as we made training safer. This affects even the new student who is working on basic skills. This may be true now, but it is changing for the better each day.

Step away from the student’s perspective for a minute. The instructor wants to see exactly what the student is doing. As an instructor, how will you make sure your student is safe as he presents a loaded handgun to a target from inside a concealment garment? Out of sight isn’t necessarily safe, and we’ve been talking about carrying in the conventional position on the strongside hip where the instructor can have a good view. Some carry positions are harder for the instructor to see.

Today we have appendix carry where the gun is holstered between the hip and midline. We have purse carry where holster is carried in an external bag. Add in pocket carry and carrying in a bellyband under tight clothing. Now you see the routine risks we face in training to present a firearm. Even the customary carry position behind the hip can be a concern when you cant the gun to get a better grip angle. From these positions, either the student or people standing nearby can be swept by the muzzle unless the student is already skilled and consistent. Those are the routine problems instructors deal with today. .......

There is plenty of food for thought here, for those who choose to carry. It's true that these days, with increases in technology, the opportunities for more realistic training are improving and as most agree, training is highly desirable. Familiarity with one's chosen weapon is paramount but also, ways to effectively sharpen overall skills.

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