California's continued attempts against the 2A

By Michael McLaughlin. July 17th, 2017

California Finds That New Gun Laws are Easier to Pass Than Enact. After the San Bernardino mass shooting, state lawmakers adopted a package of firearms restrictions. Two of the most significant have been delayed.

For advocates of stricter gun laws, a sweeping package of new legislation signed by California's governor in July 2016 -- and a similar set of measures approved by the state's voters in a referendum four months later -- served as rare bright spots in a year that they would otherwise rather forget.

The new restrictions included an expanded version of the state's assault weapons ban, designed to close a loophole that had been exploited just months earlier by ISIS-inspired gunmen; a prohibition on owning high-capacity magazines; and a requirement for background checks on sales of ammunition. California's beefed-up laws came as many other states, including Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, moved in the opposite direction, loosening restrictions on who can legally carry weapons, and where they can carry them.

But implementing several of California's most significant new laws has proved surprisingly difficult, raising questions about the state's process for rolling out what would be among the most stringent firearm restrictions in the United States .......

Law abiding California gun owners continue to have to battle against the legislative attempts being made by the Governor and also some cities, as more and more draconian regulations appear. As a judge stated "The California matrix of gun control laws is among the harshest in the nation and are filled with criminal law traps for people of common intelligence who desire to obey the law." Infringement is the name of the game.

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