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"Following our alert on 21st April, we received a broad response and show a selection of the many comments below.

May we point out, the need for everyone to watch, copy and pass on, the ground breaking JPFO film "2A Today for The USA" and also be aware of the film "Innocents Betrayed" - the proof if any were needed, as to how disarmament readily facilitates genocide.  This film is complimented by the book Death by "Gun Control"

Be sure also you have seen the JPFO Genocide Chart, which clearly shows not only what occurred in Germany but also in many other totalitarian countries.


Comments on "Jews Still Get it Wrong"


*Dear Mr. Zelman,*

It is not only Jews that think this way as stated in the article "Jews still getting it wrong" Christians do, too! I have Christian friends who have told me the same thing: I’ll come over and get some guns from you when the trouble starts, and my feelings are the same as the person who wrote "Jews still getting it wrong."

If you are too lazy or feel you are intimidated to own a firearm to protect yourself, family, and your freedoms, then you deserve whatever fate comes your way. But, don’t come begging to me when the bullets are flying and expect me to be your defender. You have had your chance to arm yourself and train like I have and you were too stupid or naive to do so. I have asked you. I have begged you. I have done everything possible to try to bring you around to see that you need to protect your freedoms by protecting yourself through firearm ownership. And, your reply has always been " … well you have guns and I’ll just come over and get a few from you." You don’t know how much I resent your stupidity, ignorance, irresponsibility, and self-delusion that I’m going to give you guns and ammo. You need to put your money where your mouth is and stand up with the rest of us and shout that we will not be intimidated and we believe in the United States Constitution, especially the Second Amendment.

*Your long standing faithful member,*

*Richard E. D*


Dear Mr. Zelman,

I am one of your members and I’ve just finished reading your April 21st alert. All I can say is "BRAVO!". The letter puts into words feelings I have had for decades. Of course, the passivity and perversity of the American Jew extends beyond simple support for gun control. I am a Desert Storm veteran (Naval Aviator) and have been asking Jews if they have ever met a Jew (other than myself) who is a military veteran. On a rare occasion, people reference a doctor or nurse they know who paid for their schooling with military service. But if I ask them about veterans of the combat arms, they look dumbfounded. So aside from the issue of Jews being armed, there is also the issue of us not having a scintilla of organic knowledge about the military arts. Should the day come that Jews need to fight, we will have neither the weapons nor the tactical knowledge on how to employ them. And I am not completely certain that I would risk my life to protect those who have been so contemptuous of me, my military service, and my beliefs about armed self defense. When I discussed this with my oldest friend - an observant Jewish colonel of Marines on active duty - his response was basically "f%&* em." I wholeheartedly agree.

Re the issue of selling guns and ammo to self-disarmed Jews: with one exception, I would never part with any of my precious firearms and ammunition! To paraphrase Jeff Cooper, when you have a gun, you have something of real value. Why would I transfer my beautiful, useful, loyal, firearms to someone who would not love, appreciate, and properly care for them? The exception is that I have a brother and two sisters I would grudgingly arm regardless of their misguided political beliefs.

The other observation that I would like to share is that when I ask Jews if they own a gun I uniformly get the same answer as does your letter writer. My usual response has been to offer to take them to the range. This usually gets a weirdly enthusiastic response (seriously, how is it consistent to want my guns confiscated but then be excited at the possibility of my taking you to the range??). After reading your alert, I am thinking that I might then tell them that they need to buy a gun for themselves /first/ and /then/ I would be happy to teach them to use it. I will even offer to help them make a good decision as to which gun to buy. I wonder what their response to that will be?

Very respectfully, Arie S. F


Give this man a medal and another 1000 rds of 5.56. Dan H, 62 yr old Ranger Captain-Infantry.


I quite agree. I’ll offer ammo up to people with like firearms, but that’s it. Prepared is prepared, ill prepared is foolish. Now if I could source IMR-4895 and CCI-200 primers. The Great Zod.


God bless you guys ! Jon D. K


I humbly salute the man who wrote you that letter!

As a Christian who was raised with a deep love and respect for Israel - and raised around Jews who were just like my own family - I have never, ever understood how my Jewish brethren both here AND in Israel, have seemed so determined to bring ruin upon themselves and their nation!

Here in the USA, the wealthiest and most influential Jews support democrats and support legislators who would crush them underfoot; and in Israel, beautiful Israel, they enact such things as the Gush Katif and other expulstions / atrocities of Jews expelling Jews; I wept day after day, with both sorrow and a feeling of impotence, when I saw those images! And all to appease the very people who would destroy us all, Jew and Gentile alike!

But on the other hand - this is one reason that I so respect and appreciate YOU; I made a little emblem and link on my blog to your site and encourage everyone I know to visit your site and support you in any way that they can. If I were wealthier I would send a donation more often than the small pittance that I am able to send now and then.

But thank you again for all that you do and stand for. If that day ever comes, I will be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Never again - not just words.

God bless - Julian


Many years ago, I’m not gonna say how many, I would visit my cousin in Philly. Yeah, yeah, a southern boy in Yankee town. Next door to Dave was a very nice Jewish family and the daughters were about our ages. We, meaning me and the oldest girl, became good friends and the four of us would roam the Franklin Institute and the Museum of Natural History.

The summer before my junior year in high school we were walking home from the movies and I told the young lady about my plans to join the Army. I couldn’t get across to her that fighting for my country was the right thing to do; to give an allies’ people a chance at freedom was the right thing to do. I couldn’t believe she didn’t want to hear it. I was even flabbergasted when she stomped off to her house and refused to have anything to do with me the rest of the summer.

My father was in Europe and was among the first US service men who went into one of the concentration death camps. As a youngster I had seen some of the pictures he had taken there. I found them hidden away in the garage in an old footlocker with his uniforms. He would never talk about it. And then the pictures disappeared.

I have know other Jews in my life time, and like you have found they would rather be on the warm and fuzzy side of the isle. How, after viewing those pictures, could they do such a thing, be so soft on the evil that once killed 6,000,000 of you religion, and there are so many rabbis who are that way. Why?

It was great last Wednesday here in Yuma as we had our Tea Party. There were Catholics, Jews, Protestants, white, black, brown, yellow, red, young, middle aged and old. Will they come again for some of us. Will we have the cojones to stand up and say "Not This Time!"? I think there will be many this time, and the culprits are going to pay dearly. Your "Never Again" is going to ring out loud and clear.

Keep up the good work. I really love you wisdom.

Jim McM - "Rightwing Cowboy"


I read the article written by a Jewish gun collector and wish to add to his response. As a Jewish retired Industrial Engineer, Respiratory Therapist and active Gunsmith I wish to tell the writer that he is living in the wrong place.

Living in the mountains of Arizona I am pleased to report that half of our local congregation, men and women, carry and practice with firearms. Not every Jew is naive enough to think that the government, military, local police, will protect them. After all, the Supreme Court ruled that it is not the job of the police to protect you. I might add that I would not give them a firearm in the event of an emergency as they might hurt themselves, their family, or anyone who tries to help them. Owning, and using, firearms comes with the responsibility of being properly trained. It also comes with the responsibility of being able to use it effectively.

Do it now, not later. Be a confident, prudent, firearms owner. Be safe!

Sincerely, Jerome E.

"Get the word out - Never Again"


Yeah, I know the feelin’; some of my neighbours don’t own a weapon beyond an iron skillet and rolling pin, but can never get it through their heads that the cops just clean up the mess, they don’t serve and protect anybody. The folks right behind us got home invaded by three ilegals who killed two of the girls and left the third one for dead while they lit out with what stuff was immediately portable; the only attempt at any gunplay directly on my street was a couple of guys in a little red coupe poppin’ caps at the house next door (drugs is everybody’s guess), so it took about 15 seconds for a half dozen of us to be outside, behind cover, and heavily armed while the guy up on the curve dashed out of his front door rackin’ a 12 guage.

The coupe got real gone real fast, and we’ve had no form of repeat and that’s been 5-6 years ago. Word gets around. Ya know, I’ve been thinking about the 2A. The wording is an almost take it for granted that a de jure militia will be maintained in every state. The Dick Act rolled the state militias into a federalized reserve called the National Guard, which almost everyone thought, wrongly, was the organized militia. That congressional action completely ignored the Tenth Amendment, as the federal government has not, as nearly as I can determine, any lawful authority over the state guards, state militia, whatever, and never has had.

So here’s my thought, guys, if the Dick Act, and subsequent legislation, can be swatted down the state’s militia statutes kick in, you know, ’all fit males between the ages of 17 and 45 who are not - - - and so on, would be compelled to be enrolled, and to arm themselves with ’a military musket’ which would today be and M16, SKS or AK47. Whaddya think? is it worth a shot?



I totally agree with this gentleman. This can only illustrate what a safe place an armed America has been, that such a persecuted group of people could feel so safe. I personally feel Jews should be exempt from any gun laws simply because of who they are. John P.


Right on!

I was talking to a very mainstream rabbi who said to me -at a Yom Hashoah observance "It’s not just Jews didn’t have guns in Warsaw, it’s that they were not familiar with them - had they been familiar they would have grabbed the German’s guns and used them. Rabbi SY.


Guns are freedoms teeth! Peter C


Great letter.

The sentiment resonates with me, too. I also have friends that have said, "I’ll come and get a gun from you if I ever need one." This is a way of putting off making a decision about having one, while hoping for the best - actually making a bet that things will always be well.

Please keep up the good work. I appreciate all you’re doing.

Sincerely, Bill T.


To that article I say a hearty Amen!!!! RCK.


Why do you think " Napolitano" put out the hit list. We will be the first on it and then be unable to buy guns or ammo. And they will say " we are just stopping dangerous people from getting guns". And if you have them, well they will just take them away and tell people you are crazy and dangerous. Isn’t that the way they always do it. Keep up the good work. Walt.


Dear Aaron,

Only now have other Jews finally started waking up, but unfortunately it’s still a small group. One of the local rabbis came to me and asked if I would do a gun training class, I had 19 students from the Shul. As of recently I had 3 who wanted to learn to also clean guns and one want to get his carry license for himself and his wife. Almost all of them are now either buying or considering buying a "life preserver." The head of security at the local "JCC" and I have talked about going to the range together for years but he’s not Jewish.

I have educated hundreds of non - Jews about the real reason for gun ownership and they happy to learn and embrace it. But among our people I find more Capos among the secular, reform and conservative Jews. I believe like you do. I feel it’s because of the Capo Rabbis among those groups who teach anti-self defense and trust in your Fascist governments. When I talk to these Jews I try to get them to tell me where in Torah they get their Idea’s and they either misquote or just don’t know. I, like the other man in your article, have had it with the Capos among us. I would gladly pass my ammo to him and repair his weapon any day. I would also make no effort in rescuing the Capos from their fate. The one thing that I am thankful for in all this is you Aaron, it helps knowing that there are other Jews that feel as we do.

Thanks again, Adam D.


On Your Feet - Or On Your Knees! See also, the movie "Defiance". PMC.


I wish I could argue with this writer but, sadly, I can’t because he’s right.
At this time the future of our United States is unclear. I am prepared to ’go down’ with my country, but I will not defend my leftist neighbors or anyone who refuses to pick up his own arms. I am prepared to live in the worst possible situation, using century old ways but I will not share my arms.

The way my ’fellow’ Americans want to be cared for by the government sickens me. I thank G-d my parents of Blessed Memory are not here to experience this lunacy.

May G-d bless us, and give us strength.  Candy, 2A Sisters.


When I was at the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando, I ran into two of my co-religionists (yes, there certainly are Jews in the firearms business!), and the main topic of discussion over coffee and cigarettes was "What the $#@* is the matter with the Jews?!" We came to the conclusion that it’s not a "Jewish" thing, per se, but a "ghetto Jewish" thing, the whole attitude of making nice to your oppressor so maybe you won’t be the first one he kills. It’s rather like OhBummer’s foreign policy, "If we’re nice to homicidal maniacs, and apologize for making them that way, maybe they’ll like us and go kill someone else."

Back during the L.A. riots, an acquaintance in that city called me to ask if I, who was living in Massachusetts at the time, could send him a gun so he could protect himself and his family. I asked him why he didn’t just go out and buy a gun. He replied, "Oh, there’s a 15-day waiting period here." I said, "You should have gotten out of that freakin’ state when they passed the waiting period!" Dumb schmuck, doesn’t deserve to have a gun!  Peter C


Dr. Mr. Zelman:

As a Jew, I heartily concur with those sentiments. The lesson taught by my father about the holocaust, was that it taught the importance of every Jew owning and being trained with weapons. However, lately I also find that the minority of us that support the right to bear arms is substantial as we have been finding each other, perhaps with the help of my wife who has recruited women from our synagogue (and sometimes their husbands) to join us for lady’s days and family days at the range. We have drawn in numerous participants from all sides of the liberal- conservative political system.

I have also done occasional programs on Jewish Law and Midrash highlighting its support for arms. I could cite numerous examples, but my favorite is: As we departed from Egypt, we see the verse (Exodus 13:18) translated by the King James version of the Bible as "The Israelites were well prepared when they left Egypt." But, perhaps a better translation based on Rashi, Mekhilta, Rashbam and Ramban is "they were well armed." Why does the Bible go to the trouble of telling us they were armed at this point? Ibn Ezra gives us a clue, "They went out with weapons of war and not like fleeing slaves." Ramban makes this even more explicit, "They did not go out looking like fleeing slaves, but went out as an independent people that could be armed." The way I was taught this by father that the Children of Israel were now free men, and only free men carried weapons, comports well with Ramban. I could go on with numerous examples, but just one more is interesting: Me’am Lo’ez (vol. 4, pps. 17-18), based on the Tosafists in Imre Noam asks "how the Egyptians were able to gain control over the Israelites, since the Israelites were so numerous and powerful." The question is answered by describing the subterfuge that enabled the Egyptians to disarm the Israelites. Interesting that subterfuge is still a tactic of those who would disarm us.

Hang in there; there are more of us than many realize. Taking some action to expose the others to a well run introductory day at the range with safety instruction, training and a chance to shoot does more than any rational argument to bring them along.

Regards, Robert A (one of your sponsors for Innocents Betrayed)



Thanks Aaron

This speaks as loudly as anything that I have read about Jews & guns. I have been asked over & over again why American Jewish people vote for flaming liberals. There are probably as many answers to this as there are American Jews. Its been my reality that many Jews in America are socialists because they are concerned with what they perceive as the "Greater Good." People today, Jewish and Gentile alike don’t know what NAZI really means … They were National SOCIALISTS. Your organization is doing a wonderful service for our country. I got news Bubbaleh, the "Greater Good" starts in your own home. It starts with being able to defend yourself and your loved ones. If God forbid, they tell us to pack, Its too late! On the evening of Yom Shoa, I say this: The Lord is our shepherd says the psalm, but just in case- get a nice Mossberg, learn how to use the the thing. Its a Mitzvah!  April B


Excellent letter.

I am a Jew as well and a JPFO member. I agree whole-heartedly with the author. I own guns and ammo and am prepared to use them when the crap hits the fan. If any group on earth should be proponents of firearms ownership it is the Jews. You know, it’s funny, for a group that prides itself in having so much "sachel", it is disturbingly incredulous how downright stupid they can be. I say "they" instead of "we" because I’m reluctant to include myself with such schmucks.  Grover



I got you email about the Jews who get it wrong. They will never learn of their mistakes because liberals and Jewish liberals included have contempt for people who won’t march in goose steps with their liberal caused and in disarming us. They feel that they are smarter and know better than we do about everything. I dated a girl from a liberal family and I heard such idiotic comments about gun ownership and when one of them said "what kind of Jews would own guns?" I said that I own guns. Her family tried to make excuses for me by saying that I’m from Israel and that’s why I feel the need to protect myself from anti Semites. When I said that in Israel it’s not as easy to own guns and the US has the Second Amendment rights to own guns they came up with the leftist lie of the 2nd Amendment being for the National Guard which came into existence 130 years later. In other words they made up their minds and I was trying to confuse them with the facts.

I don’t know whether I would defend ’Jewish’ liberals but I would defend Orthodox Jews who believe in gun ownership and understand the deterrent factor in being armed. Some of which are arming up to face the growing Anti Semitism.

I worked at a local bus company as a driver and someone there said "you don’t want to mess with the Jews, they have guns and are willing to use them". I answered him that we would use them to reinforce the deterrent factor. The idiot ’Jewish’ liberals would apologize for my remark and assure them that most Jews are not armed making themselves targets for criminals and Jew haters.

Keep up the good work to protect our freedoms.

Sincerely, Ezra K


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