April 21st, 2009

Jews Still Get it Wrong

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As Holocaust observances around the world take place, we at Jews for The Preservation of Firearms Ownership would like to share a letter from one of our members.

Gun hating Jews will condemn the letter, but it deserves thoughtful discussion if "Never Again" is to be taken seriously.


Dear Mr. Zelman,

I have been a gun collector for over 30 years.

I am a Jew. I grew up inculcated in the Holocaust and "Never Again".

When I began collecting guns I thought in the back of my mind that when the nazis returned I would have guns to pass out to Jews and I would put teeth and meaning in "Never Again".

Unfortunately, since that time thirty years ago, the biggest advocates of disarming me - are the Jews. The Jews that vote 80% for gun control, 80% for freedom hating totalitarians.

So I have been asking EVERY JEW I KNOW, "Do you own a gun?". It has been shocking to me to discover that almost NO JEWS I KNOW OWN A SINGLE GUN and have zero ammunition. Even more shocking was the common reply - "I’ll come and get one from you".

Because of this I have formulated a policy of responding that if they do not own a gun I would NEVER give or sell them one in a crisis and in a crisis I would give/sell them to people that needed a second gun before I would arm one stupid unarmed Jew. Why would I arm people who sat by and did nothing while the nation was disarmed or called for that disarming?

I do not mean to seem bitter but U.S. Jews have sold out my freedom, my children and the safety for their future generations. Jews want to be protected by the government without ever doing the heavy critical thinking. Jews have always been scapegoated and killed by the governments they stupidly support.

They have brought this on themselves by being weak and supporting Jew hating governments, gun control and citizen/Jew disarmament.

Screw them. Let those unarmed Jews remain unarmed. Let them stand in front of the armed Jews and provide cover when the shooting starts. That is the price of forgetting in a mere 64 years and learning NO lessons from history.


"I choose life and Liberty"


The Liberty Crew

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