A "High Cap Freedom" Tactic:
The Coffee Can Revolution



By L. Neil Smith

Copyright 2011, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Gun-grabbers -- the victim disarmers -- are like a flock of vultures, perched on a Saguaro cactus, waiting for something to die.

This time it's the Arizona shootings, committed with a Glock semiautomatic pistol and an extended 33-round magazine. The vultures can't go after the pistol. Sixty percent of American cops carry Glocks, and the company is well known for resisting the shakedown tactics of the anti-gun establishment. Instead, they've decided to go after high capacity magazines, as if the assassin would have desisted if they were unavailable. The mainstream airwaves and paper media have overflowed with anti-self defense bluster and threats. And it’s all based on lies and emotionalized irrationality.

What to do? You can always boycott the network sponsors. The problem is that, for a boycott to be effective, you need to persuade thousands -- or millions -- of others to go along, which is a lot of work, and usually not very successful.

Then one day I asked myself the right question: if a boycott won't work, then what's the opposite of a boycott? Obviously it isn't doing more business with your enemy.

How about doing more business with whatever your enemy opposes?

Call it a “reverse boycott”.

Now, whenever I find myself subjected to victim disarmament drivel disguised as "news" or "entertainment", I drop a quarter (or a dime, nickel, or penny) into a coffee can I keep beside my TV watching chair. Given the rate at which propaganda fills the air, it's no time at all before the can fills up.

When enough change accumulates, I don't give it to the NRA or any other group whose policies I neither control nor necessarily approve. I spend it the best way I know, in the free marketplace, acquiring something I wouldn't otherwise have bought.

In this immediate instance, and as part of JPFO’s “High Cap Freedom” campaign, my coffee can coins will be directed towards the purchase of another high capacity magazine for one of my semiautomatic rifles or pistols. Think about it: a high capacity magazine you wouldn't otherwise have bought -- and the propagandists have only themselves to blame.

Appeal to the self-interest of enough gun owners, and hundreds of thousands -- maybe even millions -- of unforeseen “high cap” magazine purchases will occur. This will strengthen the gun industry relative to the rest of the economy, perhaps even put some spine back into those who've taken the historically discredited route of appeasing the oppressor.

Appeasement didn't work with Hitler; why did anybody ever think it'd work with Hitler's spiritual kin, Charles Schumer, Carolyn McCarthy or Dianne Feinstein?

Some estimate that, since Obama's nomination, around thirty million new gun purchases have been made. That's 30,000,000 new weapons in the possession of American citizens. Now that is one heck of a “reverse boycott”!

Victim-disarmers have tried hard to keep the public ignorant of this inconvenient statistic. But as word of millions of coffee cans filling up with coins -- and suddenly being emptied for high cap magazine purchases – this new tactic, if publicized, will take on a life of its own.

The best part is that nobody is in a position to think, speak, or act for you. It's your TV, your chair, your coffee can. In your home you're the judge of what constitutes anti-gun propaganda. You decide how much to drop in the can. You decide how to spend it. You're the ultimate beneficiary.

Me, I'm buying Glock high cap magazines. Yes, that’s plural.

It won't work unless we tell the media what we're doing. So let local TV stations -- and the networks -- know about your coffee can. Talk it up on FaceBook, Twitter, every other social medium you can.

So get involved now with JPFO’s “High Cap Freedom” campaign. Use the “Coffee Can Revolution”.

Four-time Prometheus Award-winner L. Neil Smith has been writing about guns and gun ownership for more than 30 years. He is the author of 27 books, the most widely-published and prolific libertarian novelist in the world, and is considered an expert on the ethics of self-defense.


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