JPFO Calls for Repeal of Phony
Gun-Free School Zones Law

By Alan Korwin, JPFO Advisor



Maps reproduced by permission of Alan Korwin, of He has his own site page dealing with Gun-Free school zones.


Under President William Jefferson Clinton gun possession in populated areas of the United States was theoretically banned, with the stroke of a federal pen.

Most Americans have no idea this gutting of the Second Amendment was enacted, and is still in place, threatening them all. The nonsensical 1,000-foot gun ban (an unalienable-rights infringement zone) around every school MUST BE ELIMINATED. People’s very homes are criminalized if they step outside. Our roads have been turned into felony traps for the unwary.

This little-known feel-good-do-nothing travesty has been selectively enforced over the last two decades. Selective enforcement of a law is pure arbitrary tyranny. It hangs over everyone’s head like a Sword of Damocles. The so-called "gun-free" school-zones law is a direct personal threat to the freedom of every law-abiding citizen in America. It proposes a felony arrest for every decent person who travels armed, or steps off their own property, in any populated area (see maps below).

This idiotic law does absolutely nothing to protect schools and is the height of hypocrisy and utopian dreaming. There is a growing body of hard evidence that it actually invites psychopathic armed intruders into a defenseless target-rich environment. How many atrocities do you need to see in the phony gun-free zones before you see the light? Mythical gun-free zones are dangerous, reckless and negligent.

The tiny federal exemption allowing carry in a so-called gun-free school zone, to the 2% of the public that bowed and scraped to get a state-issued firearms carry permit, leaves the other 98% of the public at intolerable risk. State and local versions of make-believe gun-free school zones compound the problem.

JPFO’s stance: It is time to end the dangerous and illegal infringement of non-functional make-believe gun-free zones that empower criminals and defraud the public.

"Gun-Free School-Zones Law" 18 U.S.C. § 922(q) in 1990, reenacted 1995


Look at the maps below to see how easy it can be to become a felon! The government has "felonized" gun owners and illegally infringed on our rights.

San Francisco. The immense areas in ‘Frisco’ which might be "No-Go"

The immense areas in 'Frisco' which might be "No-Go""

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