Gunowners Should Expect the Worst
from a Lame-Duck Congress



By Aaron Zelman
© Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

President Obama has recently dropped his cagey and coy dissembling about his true “gun control” plans. In April of 2009 he once again made it completely clear that he was in favor of a renewed “assault weapon” ban. (Now available to watch here on JPFO)

Obama is no longer laying low on the issue. We also know where Obama’s socialist Supreme Court appointees Sotomayer (who voted against the McDonald decision), and almost certainly Kagan, stand on citizens owning firearms. Kagan is just another Sotomayer when it comes to 2A. Like Sotomayer, she waffled and said all the right things to gain her confirmation by the Senate. Do you really think Kagan would have voted in favor of Heller or McDonald?

No, who can now seriously doubt that Obama, and those who he’s appointed, are not deeply ingrained enemies of the Second Amendment?

Why this recent renewal of Obama’s true agenda? Up until now Obama knew that he did not have the votes in Congress to pass anti-gun legislation. “Gun control” is, at this time, a political non-starter. So he temporarily put on his sheep’s clothing and played the “moderate” on gun rights. This has well suited his actual wider purpose.

With an anticipated lame-duck session of Congress after the November elections, Obama’s strategy is certain to surface. In many ways it will be a “now or never” opportunity for him. It will also be a last gasp chance at bitter revenge from liberal anti-gun politicians who will have been rejected by an angry November electorate.

Few of the newcomers to Congress will have the slightest bit of sympathy for much of Obama’s agenda. After all, nearly every one of them will have been ushered in because of voters’ fury with the Obama promoted policies. These “newbies” won’t have the slightest inclination to go along with fresh “gun control” schemes.

So Obama truly has nothing to lose…and everything to gain…by pushing with all his might for huge and sweeping “gun control” schemes in the lame-duck session.

Additionally, for many Democrats (and even the more liberal Republicans) who do not face re-election this November, the writing is clearly on the wall. Very simply put: These “representatives” voted for Obamacare. They are also known to be pro-amnesty (or leaning that way) for illegal aliens. Many of them can hear the not-so-distant sound of their plush D.C. office doors slamming behind them on their way out the next time their names appear on a ballot.

Many Democrats (and some Republicans) must be thinking “I’m out of here anyway, either this coming November, or when I next run for re-election. So what have I possibly got to lose by voting for the gun control legislation I’ve secretly wanted all along?” There is a perverse logic at work here. This lame-duck session will likely be a “sour grapes” gathering like none we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

What are some of the things a lame-duck Congress might do to your gun rights? Think hard on these points:

1. The very most dangerous? What if one of the pro-Second Amendment Justices on the Supreme Court dies, or retires for health reasons? A lame-duck session of Congress could push through an anti-gun appointee with no more opposition than the Sotomayor or Kagan confirmations received. The stage will be set for the overturning of both the Heller and the McDonald decisions. Crazy and paranoid? Think again.

2. A renewed “Assault Weapons Ban”. It’s official: Obama wants it. Further sales of so-called “military patterned” rifles would be outlawed, and registration of existing rifles would almost certainly be mandated (as they were in California during the last AWB).

Who cares what the Supreme Court decisions of late have declared? A legal challenge could take several years to filter up to an Obama-stacked Supreme Court to be heard. Your previously unregistered semi-automatic is now on the books and in centralized computer data bases. Damage done. (The U.N. applauding gleefully, I might add.)

3. All used military brass could once and for all be ordered destroyed by a command of Congress. Don’t think the anti-gun cabal ignores ammunition re-loaders. Far from it. By striking economically at ammunition re-loaders, the anti-gun politicians know that they are punishing many of the truly hard core gun owners and 2A advocates. Or maybe the brass won’t be destroyed. Might it be passed along to the U.N. to be reloaded by “International Agencies” for enforcement purposes? Give the brass to the Blue Hats? (Again, U.N. cheers of support.)

4. Ammunition, gun powder, primers, bullets and factory brass could be burdened with huge increases in excise taxes and/or a license to purchase. Congress is desperate for tax revenues. Ammo is, after all, a “public health danger” isn’t it? (Obama and his crew could also use some of that money to further help the U.N. with its Small Arms Treaty.)

5. The U.N. could easily fast track the Small Arms Treaty and it might even be approved by a lame-duck Senate. Hillary Clinton has been busy with this one. She and Obama, and a whole pack of ardent “gun control” supporters, are in full agreement on this deeply anti-American treaty.

6. A lame-duck Congress could very well double (or triple) the size and authority of the goon squad BATFE. Of course this would all be done under the guise of “national security”. The utterly corrupt Mexican government is quite eager to get cozier with the BATFE. What if open gang warfare breaks out north of the border, and dozens of innocents are caught in the crossfire? Liberal politicians and bureaucrats will hysterically resurrect “The 90 Percent Lie”.

7. And, last but not least, gun show sales could be restricted to FFL holders only. The chance to buy unregistered firearms from other private citizens will cease. Required: Form 4473s and F.B.I. NICS Check (and accompanying fees) for every gun sold. The global “gun control” bandwagon continues on its merry way with the aid of burgeoning computerized databases. It cannot be said too often: register, then confiscate. Over and over and over again, history demonstrates this malevolent pattern. See, "Death by Gun Control", and "Innocents Betrayed".

Along with following your conscience and common sense with your time in the voting booth this November, any gun owner who doesn’t take this “window of opportunity” to stock up on guns or ammunition is being downright short sighted.

Politicians have access to ammunition sales volumes via the taxation of the manufacturers. The same goes for gun production volumes. Every new gun and box of ammunition that is bought by the citizenry of this nation is a “vote” for the Second Amendment, the Guardian of the Bill of Rights.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to buy guns and ammo NOW. Buy any and all firearms and ammunition you can afford. Do so as quickly and privately as you possibly can. Take proactive moves now, before a lame-duck Congress and this aggressively anti-American President closes the door even further on your right to protect the lives of yourself and your loved ones.

Also, invest in “intellectual ammunition” for the defense of our liberty by supporting JPFO. Your donations are used efficiently and effectively in our battle to win the “hearts and minds” of intellectually honest Americans, and to expose the enemies of freedom in our midst. JPFO’s materials are the perfect tools for you to use to introduce your friends and neighbors to the importance of widespread gun ownership. Make it a personal goal to bring at least one other person into the ranks of educated gun ownership. Much of our material is free on our website, but please remember that these “freedom tools” cannot be created for free. Thank you for your commitment to American liberty and all the support you provide.


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