New Poll Shows England Wants Its Guns Back

Is England the model for "popular" gun control?



By Erica Ritz, May 30th 2013
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Your webmaster is an Ex Brit (American citizen since 2005) who suffered the injustice, being a mere subject, and 'losing' a handgun collection in 1997. Read a first person account of 'the system' and those events for which the proof, if any was needed, of just how gun registration is the classic path to confiscation.

Ruger .45 semi-automatic pistols seen during the142nd annual National Rifle Association(NRA)
convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center May 4, 2013 in Houston, Texas.
Credit: AFP/Getty Images

The United Kingdom is often held up as a successful example of gun control by those on the left. But a recent poll by the Daily Telegraph, one of England's most widely-read publications, shows Britons themselves are far from sold on the laws.

In a poll asking readers what laws they would like to see introduced or changed, an overwhelming number of voters chose "repeal the ban on hand guns and re-open shooting clubs."

"After all, why should only criminals be 'allowed' to possess guns and shoot unarmed, defenceless citizens and police officers?" reader Colliemum wrote.

Here is a screen shot of the results, as of TheBlaze article's publication:

(Photo: The Daily Telegraph)

In a far second place came the choice for a flat tax, at 7.59% combined to 84.53% who want to repeal the ban on handguns.

The United Kingdom passed some of the strictest gun control laws in the world in 1997 after 16 children were killed in Dunblane, England. Gun crime sharply increased in the subsequent years, doubling by 2007, according to British government crime reports.

JPFO footnote - just in 6/7/13 -- "A 3 year-old deaf boy in Lincoln, Nebraska is being bullied by public school officials to change his name because the hand sign for Hunter Spanjer looks like a weapon. ". More lunacy! It's hard to believe this stuff. Check out the article and weep.

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