Campaign to shame Kroger ignores real dangers



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By David Codrea, September 12th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

“CBS Boosts Bloomberg Gun Control Group's Campaign Targeting Kroger,” Matthew Balan of Newsbusters advised, giving details on how Jan Crawford of “CBS This Morning” gave Moms Demand Action a “boost” in a ‘report” that was essentially an advocacy piece.

With anchor Charlie Rose admitting that the intent of the billionaire-funded group is to shame the supermarket chain into changing its position -- from operating under prevailing state laws regarding lawful firearms carry to mandating its customers be unarmed – Crawford made one of those Opposite Day statements that epitomize “progressive logic.”

“Moms Demand Action ... insists it is not against guns or the Second Amendment, but believes people shouldn't be allowed to walk around grocery stores with loaded weapons," Crawford proclaimed.

So they believe in the right of the people to bear arms just so long as the people are prohibited from doing so.

Why does Captain Kirk’s “Who’s interferin’? We’re takin’ over” rejoinder to gangster boss Jojo Krako come to mind? (And as long as I’m on a Star Trek kick...)

Put another way, MDA may as well ask why anyone needs a gun at a supermarket. Shall we take a moment to give that a cursory glance?

There was a man who was attacked by men with a machete in a supermarket parking lot in Baltimore.

Then there was the elderly woman who was attacked in a supermarket in Florida.

And there was a guy who beat the hell out of a 61-year-old woman in a parking lot of a Mississippi supermarket – well what do you know -- it was a Kroger store.

A 79-year-old man received a beating in a California grocery store parking lot.

And who can forget the “maniac slash attack in [a New York] supermarket meat aisle”?

Or the “man beaten by [a] group of people while shopping” in Philadelphia?

Or the “gay man assaulted in [a] D.C. Safeway”?

Or the Michigan man who suffered a concussion after being attacked over a grocery store parking space?

Or... but you get the picture. Those took me all of one minute to locate, and I could have kept going. Imagine what could be done if grant funding were available to devote a staff to doing internet searches, exactly what the Violence Policy Center has done with its absurd “Concealed Carry Killers” propaganda assault posing as “research” (just don‘t expect monopoly of violence cultists to put their findings up against, say, my “Only Ones” files.

The CBS “News” phenomenon is just a part of a larger media assault on guns in stores that is easily observable simply by doing a Google search for the term “allow guns in stores.” The American people are being bombarded with the Bloomberg message from all sides as the “Authorized Journalists” shed all pretences of objectivity and put on their naked agenda hats.

That way, The Huffington Post can convince its “progressive” echo chamber that “Most Americans Want No-Gun Policies at Shops, Restaurants,” and ignore the reality that, as The Washington Times observed, “More than 57,000 gun-friendly bars, eateries crop up across America.”

This is one more manifestation of moneyed and cloistered elites vs. average Americans, Astroturf vs. grassroots. It’s why a ballot issue infringing on the rights of average citizens in Washington State is being bankrolled by Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates (along with his “fellow Microsoft alumni Steve Ballmer and Paul Allen,” all men with the finest bodyguard protection money can buy.)

The truth is, these guys would rather see you and yours dead than armed. If you don’t believe that, just pose it as a “yes” or “no” question and try to get a straight answer. If you do get hold of any of them, and you won’t, you might also ask when’s the last time they went grocery shopping without their security details.

Since I first began work on this column a few days ago, two relevant developments have occurred. First, MSNBC got their behinds handed to them in their own poll, where 86 percent of respondents (at this writing) answered “Yes” when asked “Should Kroger shoppers be allowed to carry handguns?”

Also, a video has emerged showing a mob viciously attacking employees at – you guessed it -- a Kroger store in Memphis.

And in a related development... no, don’t even get me started on Panera Bread.

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David Codrea is a field editor at GUNS Magazine, penning their monthly "Rights Watch" column. He provides regular reporting and commentary at Gun Rights Examiner and blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. David Codrea's Archive page.

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