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March 2, 1998
Revised June 25, 2003


This e-mail continues our 5 part series, to show you, the JPFO member and e-mail subscriber, what tools that JPFO has provided to help you in destroying "gun control", and how to use them. I sincerely urge you to MAKE TIME and read this important information. As well, go to the links provided for additional study.

If you missed Part I of this series, go to:

If you missed Part III of this series, go to:

If you missed Part IV of this series, go to:

If you missed Part V of this series, go to:

If you have studied this material before, refresh yourself with this series, then please forward this material to someone who could benefit from this series. Time is running out to use this proven material. Make use of it while there is still enough freedom left, to use it!!


Go to: to purchase the book, Death by "Gun Control".

Click here to see the T-Shirt that was introduced during the release of the original version of this book book,:

Go to: for a related article

Go to: for a related article

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first."
-- The Talmud.

Why must all decent non-violent people fight against "gun control"? Why is the right to keep and bear arms truly a fundamental individual right? You can find the answers in this brand new book.

People frequently ask why we are so dedicated to our cause? This book answers that question by collecting the key facts and arguments in one place.

People have asked us to present the whole JPFO argument in one place. We have done it. Available now in an easy-reading format and a handy size, the new book is entitled Death by Gun Control: The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament.


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