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March 14, 1998
Revised June 25, 2003


This e-mail continues our 5 part series, to show you, the JPFO member and e-mail subscriber, what tools that JPFO has provided to help you in destroying "gun control", and how to use them. I sincerely urge you to MAKE TIME and read this important information. As well, go to the links provided for additional study.

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If you have studied this material before, refresh yourself with this series, then please forward this material to someone who could benefit from this series. Time is running out to use this proven material. Make use of it while there is still enough freedom left, to use it!!


Gran'pa Jack #1 -- "Gun Control" Kills Kids!

Dear JPFO member & e-mail subscriber,

No doubt you're just as disgusted as I am with the anti-firearms propaganda in the schools and the mainstream media.

Like me, you hate the harm it does, especially to our kids, the people who will be governing America and Canada. This "anti-gun" brain-washing is frightening.

The solution to this abuse is to fight back. We must do to them, what they FEAR most, tell the truth. For starters, we need to make them shut-up!

JPFO has an anti-genocide weapon that you can use to make "gun prohibitionists" shut up! Gran'pa Jack's "Gun Control" Kills Kids! is the missing tool in the battle to promote firearms ownership in America. It is an educational comic aimed at everyone aged eight or older. It destroys every major argument for "gun control". It educates kids so they will know how to support firearms ownership. It immunizes kids against anti-gun propaganda and it provides long-term insurance for your right to be armed. This takes children where Eddie Eagle has never soared! Not unimportantly, the book will cause heartburn for Sarah Brady, Peter Jennings and other boosters of civilian disarmament. Grandpa Jack emerges as an American folk hero.

Your first step to destroying "gun control" in America is to read Gran'pa Jack - Gun Control Kills Kids! right away.

Second, please buy bundles of Gran'pa Jack - "Gun Control" Kills Kids, and get copies into the hands of as many children as possible.

By taking these actions:

    1) You can shut down the mass media's anti-firearms agenda.

    2) Destroy every major argument for "gun control".

    3) Strengthen every American's civil right to own firearms.

    4) Make sure every kid thinks their parents should own firearms.

The NRA's Eddie Eagle program won't do any of these things. It gives kids good advice on firearms safety, but fails to:

  • make kids think firearms-ownership (by adults) is a good thing.

  • show kids how "gun control" recently cleared the way for govern- ments to murder millions of kids and their parents.

Help JPFO to get the story of Gran'pa Jack -- Gun Control Kills Kids! widely known, to insure that children in America & Canada understand that firearms ownership is vital to preserving life and liberty.

Time is short. Take action today to safeguard the future of firearms ownership. Your future, and that of your kids, is in your hands. Please, go to and again at or


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