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March 28, 1998



JPFO members and supporters must respond to the current "gun control" frenzy following the Jonesboro murders by writing to newspapers and calling the talk shows to make one key point:

"Gun control" kills kids. Jonesboro is an example.

JPFO has pointed this out, starting with the "Gran'pa Jack" booklet entitled "Gun Control" Kills Kids: When honest peaceful citizens are disarmed, then those citizens cannot protect their children from either violent crime or genocide.

"Gun control" laws likely contributed to the situation that allowed the Jonesboro murders to occur. Professor John Lott of the University of Chicago School of Law, in a Wall Street Journal article dated March 27, 1998, pointed this out:

"The shootings occurred in one of the few places in Arkansas where possessing a gun is illegal " ... that is, in or near a public school.

The two killers in Jonesboro methodically planned their murders. They stole weapons, they dressed in camouflage, they set off a fire alarm to drive their victims into range. After they shot at the defenseless children, the two killers ran away. These facts shows that the killers were not "insane" but quite calculating.

The killers could count on one thing: their victims, and the teachers and staff, would be unarmed. The killers knew they would face no resistance -- because of "gun control" laws.

Compare the case in October 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi. There a killer started shooting students in a classroom. The assistant principal quickly ran to his car, got his gun, and raced back, and only then successfully stopped the killer by holding him at gunpoint. Had the teacher and principal been allowed to carry a concealed weapon, how much sooner would the lifesaving response have been?

What should be obvious is that if peaceful citizens are armed, then criminals will be deterred. Schools attract killers because the government has posted a big legal notice that says in effect: "Attention: this is a gun-free zone. We guarantee that all adults and children in this school are unarmed."

Professor Lott summarized it this way:

"Attempts to outlaw guns from schools, no matter how well meaning, have backfired. Instead of making schools safe for children, we have made them safe for those intent on harming our children."

Professor Lott's research over a 19-year period shows that when States pass "shall issue" concealed carry laws, multiple shooting murders (like the Jonesboro case, or the much earlier McDonald's shootout in San Diego) drop by an average 84%. Israel also learned by experience that terrorists stopped shooting kids and ordinary citizens in public when those ordinary citizens were starting to carry concealed pistols.

Note: JPFO does not support any laws that require permits or licenses to carry concealed firmarms (so long as the person carrying has not been convicted of a violent crime). The right to keep and bear arms existed before any government, and as a part of the right to self-defense, cannot be taken away.

The booklet entitled "Gun Control" Kills Kids can be ordered from this website for only $3.00 post-paid.

Help JPFO to get the story of Gran'pa Jack - Gun Control Kills Kids! widely known, to insure that children in America & Canada understand that firearms ownership is vital to preserving life and liberty.

Time is short. Take action today to safeguard the future of firearms ownership. Your future, and that of your kids, is in your hands. Please, go to and order a bundle of Gran'pa Jack booklets to give out!

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...for more information on Gran'pa Jack's "Gun Control Kills Kids!"


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