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March 25, 1998


(or ... the Rest of the Story!)

On 03/20/98, the NRA sent their "NRA-ILA FAX ALERT", volume 5, number 11, to their e-mail subscribers. The last paragraph of the alert reads as follows:

    "SOUTH DAKOTA: This session, the Legislature approved a resolution (HCR 1016) which proclaims December 15 as "Bill of Rights Day" in South Dakota. The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Dana Windhorst & Senator Kermit Staggers (both of Sioux Falls), commemorates the ratification of the Bill of Rights on Dec. 15, 1791, and urges citizens and schools to reflect on the importance of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution - including our right to keep and bear arms. Governor William Janklow (R) also signed HB 1200, a bill establishing a holiday to observe the ratification of the Bill of Rights, into law."

What the NRA failed to tell you, was how this historical event came into being.

And now, for the rest of the story:

JPFO's membership has a strong grassroots movement across the nation. One such JPFO member, James Christen of South Dakota decided to make a real difference. So James got busy by distributing JPFO's Gran'pa Jack "Common Sense" booklet to all of the South Dakota Legislature, in an attempt to educate them about the Bill of Rights. James even followed up with personal visits to the Legislators offices, along with phone calls and letters. James even wrote editorials for the local newspapers, some borrowed from JPFO's Bill of Rights Day Kit, which were approved and used. All the stops were pulled out, and nothing was left uncovered. When about 30% of the Legislature came out in opposition to Bill of Rights Day, James let them know in no uncertain terms that they would be targeted in the next elections, and that editorials were going to appear in papers within the next few days, exposing their opposition to the Bill of Rights. These Legislators then backed down, and became supporters of the movement, thus the bill passed, and has been signed by the Governor of South Dakota.

Obviously, ALL of these facts were omitted by the NRA.

December 15, 1997 was the 206th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights - the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the U.S.. This should be one of the most honored civic days on the American calendar. Unfortunately, most Americans never noticed the occasion- in the same way that many people seem not to notice how the government is increasingly violating their constitutional rights, as clearly explained in the "Common Sense" booklet.

The push to make December 15 Bill of Rights Day is being led by an organization named Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Aaron Zelman, JPFO's chief, urges the creation of the holiday as a recognition for "all the bill of rights for all the people." Zelman declared that the resolutions being issued in 14 States on the Bill of Rights Day, signaled "zero tolerance for the freedom-haters and rights-destroyers" in this country. JPFO members across the nation have taken the lead in urging their local governments to enact resolutions. Zelman stresses that the movement to celebrate the anniversary of the ratification of The Bill of Rights must arise from the citizens themselves and smaller governments -- since it was they who the Bill of Rights intended to protect against the anti-liberty efforts of the federal government.

We strongly encourage you to further expand your understanding on this important work, and go to: for more information.

We would like to sincerely thank Gun Owners of America for allowing us to advertise our Gran'pa Jack "Common Sense" book to their membership, in their last newsletter dated March 27, 1998. GOA leads the way in showing its willingness to destroy "gun control" by promoting and using JPFO material. As Larry Pratt, Executive Director for GOA said about "Common Sense", "This is the finest booklet ever produced on saving the Second Amendment. Buy it today!"

Also many thanks to Dave Kowalski of Gun List (Krause Publication) for donating space to JPFO, for full page adds regarding the Bill of Rights Day work of JPFO. Also, many thanks to Guns & Ammo magazine for their fine articles on our work to promote the Bill of rights.Sadly enough, Shotgun News has not helped in the work, even after being approached by some of their major advertisers.

One final word about the National Rifle Association. Please remember, when they ask you to send to them your money -- It's JPFO working on a shoestring budget that is setting the groundwork for a renaissance of freedom in America.

Go to: ... to see what we have for the serious freedom activist!

ZERO TOLERANCE Bill of Rights Day kit!

Time is short. Take action today to safeguard the future of firearms ownership. Your future, and that of your kids, is in your hands. Please, go to and order a bundle of Gran'pa Jack booklets to give out!

To become a JPFO member, go to: There you will see a printable member application, along with info on membership. If you wish, you can become a member using our on-line application as well. Membership IS open to ALL Law abiding citizens.


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