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August 21, 1998


Bill of Rights Day, December 15, is now a reality in California, the nation's most populous state. Thanks to the extraordinary work of state Senator Johannessen, who drafted and introduced the resolution on March 26, the Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 82 was adopted by the state Senate on May 28, and adopted by the state Assembly on August 6, 1998. Go to:

JPFO members and supporters can relish this victory for our Bill of Rights, because JPFO has spearheaded the movement to encourage citizens to celebrate Bill of Rights Day. In fact, a significant portion of the California resolution's language and content came from other resolutions stimulated by JPFO's education campaign.
Go and read

Winners never slow down just before the finish line. Each of us, as individuals or in groups, must act. It can be as simple as having a family celebration. Or a neighborhood or gun club event. Get the kids involved by having them read aloud the Bill of Rights, with adults discussing the meaning of those Rights. Order JPFO's Zero Tolerance Bill of Rights Day kit to see how easy it can be! Go to Bill of Rights T-Shirts are available at

If you are a bit more ambitious, then go to our web site at and copy or print the California resolution SCR 82 and present it to your local and state government representatives. School boards, civic clubs, city councils, county governments, state legislatures -- any and all of these can pass Bill of Rights Day resolutions. Ask your local government representative what he or she will do to help this nationwide movement to celebrate Bill of Rights Day. You can also use

Winners share the credit for victory with all who help. Write a letter to Senator Johannessen. Thank him for his work, and asking him to pass the thanks on to all others who helped him make Bill of Rights Day a reality in California. It would gratify him to know that people all over the country appreciate his work.

Winners pass their knowledge on to future champions. Buy a bundle of Gran'pa Jack's Common Sense booklets for your kids, grandkids, scout troopers. Tell the kids, "We can Win!" Sponsor an essay contest about the Bill of Rights in your local high school. The heritage moves forward -- but only if we educate the children. Go to

Congratulations to Senator Johannessen, to California's citizens, and to all JPFO members and supporters! Now, let's keep up the momentum ... act now!

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot contact Senator Johannessen right now via email. Tell him how much you appreciate his help in getting the Bill of Rights Day Resolution passed in California. Just say "Thank you for Bill of Rights Day!"

How to contact the Senator:

The Honorable Maurice Johannessen
California State Senate
PO Box 942848
Sacramento, CA 94248-0001


916/224-4706 fax

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