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JPFO conducts occasional surveys to see what people think on certain topical subjects. For the most part these run a while and ultimately will be closed or have a cut-off date, with results archived.

Below are references to running and closed surveys and any related articles if applicable, with the most recent at the top. Where results files are available they will be linked on the associated survey details page. Final updates have been added to closed surveys listed below.


Latest - September 3rd 2010 - Can The Second Amendment and Islam co-exist? A survey to follow the reading of this article.  It will close 9/7/10. There will be a results link on that page.

August 23rd 2010 - What is your line in the sand?  A survey asking "What will provoke you to use the Second Amendment to rebel against a government gone bad?". This is the alert for 8/23/10 and it contains the survey link, with results information included. (Closed)

August 19 2010 - Will There Be an "October Surprise"? - a survey looking at what events could occur prior to the mid term elections - linked from this introduction page. (Closed)

July 31 2010 - "Will Washington's Failures Lead to a Second American Revolution?" - this relates to an article which should be considered before taking the survey. (Closed)

July 16 2010 - "What Do Gun Owners Think About Today’s National Issues?" - a critical survey referenced from this introduction page. (Closed)

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