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Comments on "A Modest
Proposal for Veterans Day"



Following JPFO's Veterans Day alert of 11/11/10, we received a large number of responses which were substantially in support. Here are the comments, many very brief (shown first as an assembled collection), others longer and all essentially in the order received.


Not just yes, but hell yes, I agree with you!  ♦  I agree wholeheartedly!!!  ♦  I agree.  ♦  I agree!  ♦  I agree with you!  ♦  YesI couldn't agree more.  ♦  I agree with you.  ♦  Without a doubt.  ♦  I agree with you 10,000%.  ♦  You bet I do.  ♦  Thanks for a clear statement.  ♦  I AGREE.  ♦  I certainly do and I'm just a Canadian.

"Does anybody agree with me?"

To a great extent, yes. That said, the USA should have an everlasting covenant with Israel, to assist her against ALL aggression, with whatever means necessary. This is the way that G_d wants His People to stand together, and He promises His own guidance in such matters. It is to the shame of America that a Kenyan communist and his minions prefer to try to bully Israel while they kowtow to the enemy of Israel AND the enemy of G_d.

As I mentioned in the poll, the only other involvement I could see would be in something which would have a direct impact on our own freedom and sovereignty.


Our government is a corporate owned government, and not interested in anything but total control of everyone and everything. They make money off of war, and money is power. What they are creating is a one world order, with the International Bankers at the helm.


Finally, someone I can wholeheartedly agree with! You've got my support! I agree with you totally and I believe others are starting to understand. What was Vietnam about really? What about Korea and Truman? How are we going to leave Iraq when we really should be dealing with Iran and swiftly? What about that oath to protect and defend the Constitution? And what are domestic enemies? We've got problems and they need to be dealt with. Thanks for the JPFO!

By the way, I've been having pitched battles with the NRA over their compromises, I continue to do battle!


The people who receive your emails.... You are preaching to the choir! I don't think any of us would disagree with you.

MB, US Army Retired.

Pee on fighting for people who have not even the concept of self government, or right, or wrong.


Aye Aaron, I am a retired career USAF officer. 27 1/2 years. Military men and women do not like war. Wars are caused by old, arrogant men who never have to go fight.

I personally believe that we should maintain the smallest possible standing military to protect our interests and defend our country. Instead of a large standing Army, we should look back to our founders and maintain a strong national guard force under the immediate control of state governors. These forces should be trained and equipped with the latest war fighting equipment and skills. They should frequently augment the active force so as to maintain currency and integration with the standing force.

As for foreign entanglements, I think we have certain treaty obligations to support friends. However, this concept of being the United Nation's Police Force and/or the ruse of "spreading democracy" is really a crock of bull. Maybe a requirement of drafting the sons and daughters of Presidents and Congressmen would make them think twice before deploying our troops overseas.


Absolutely agree. I get almost apoplectic over people with their notion that somehow we will find the secret switch that will cause all the people in these countries we are in right now to somehow learn to all get on the same page and become friends and sit around the camp fire singing kum bay ya or something and have a government that is exactly like ours (G-d forbid) it is just NOT going to ever happen but nobody seems to be able to grasp that idea.

Rav M, Fresno, Ca

Yes Aaron I do agree the United States should avoid foreign entanglement, mind our own business, and restore our national sovereignty. This is the reason I adamantly support JPFO, Inc., The John Birch Society, and the Constitution Party, of which I'm local chairman of for Jackson County, Oregon. This is another reason I write pro-Second Amendment/pro-freedom letters to newspapers like this one I'm forwarding to you, vote, get involved, and speak out. " Silence is consent!"

JAF, Oregon

I agree with you 100%. Have you read Smedley Butler?

John P

Mr. Zelman, I do agree with you, 100%.

PK, Romulus, N.Y.

Well said. For once I am at a loss for words, nothing more could be added.


I agree 100%. It's time for Mr. Zelman to get on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley for an interview.


Yes Aaron,I agree with you and I'll stand with you.


You *are* right. I for one would be unwilling to send Britons guns a second time (see after their subsequent sins. (Granted, the people living in GB are not the same as their government, but I believe a large number of them support "Gun Control".)


Yes, I do agree with you, I was in Viet Nam in 1965 and 1966 and even then as a 24 year old paratrooper could see that those people did not want us there and that their .gov was corrupt.


Absolutely I agree. No foreign entanglements. Bring the troops home and let them guard the border. I was in the military and felt that defending the homeland was truly the proper use of the military. No more interjecting our troops in other country's affairs.


Aaron, I agree with you wholeheartedly ............ I think Smedley would too.


Heck, not just honor the 2nd, but all of the BoRights - anyone, and you and I are both VN vets, who thinks that supporting the Karzai's of the world while degrading the rights of Israeli's in their own country will change any Muslim minds or behavior is whistling past the graveyard. Have a good Thanksgiving week Aaron.


I totally agree .. unfortunately, our entanglements in other countries' affairs have nothing to do with bringing our brand of freedom... it's all about exploitation in some form or another. Does anyone actually believe we're up to our ears in the middle east for anything other than ensuring the free flow of oil at market prices?

Do we really think the US has military bases in over 130 countries in order to ensure our brand of freedom around the world? Of course not...we're there to protect our own financial interests and to prop up foreign governments that are compliant to our demands.

No, the genie is out of the bottle and the corporations that actually run everything and the politicians they own are not about to pull back and stop interfering in other country's affairs. The only way this will ever stop is by a wholesale revolution at the ballot box (or on the battlefield) and completely replace the criminals in Washington with real statesmen who actually care about this country. Unfortunately, I doubt Americans any longer have the will to make the change. That's the saddest thing of all.


Brilliant idea! This one could grow legs among activists of various political persuasions.


Well, as you might imagine, I agree with Mr Zelman.

And, I'm sure that there are many thousands of other Brits who are yearning and striving for Liberty.

The fact is that, right now, the UK is a socialist State. Our Government sector is some 53% of our economy. Taxation is sky-high. The politicians have created a client-state of voters which is wholly dependent upon the extortion of money from the productive sector and its re-distribution to the non-productive. And, as you know, taxation and liberty are polar opposites ... sworn enemies, even.

OK, I'm whining. I'm making excuses. Man, it is so hard to even propose the subjects of Liberty or RKBA ... most of your friends and family look aghast at you. The media ridicules and vilifies the Libertarians, making comparison with Somalia; and only psychopaths would even want firearms. Strangely, as guns are increasingly inaccessible to the law-abiding citizen, the Police are finding the need to carry more and more. Things are looking pretty bleak, on this side of the pond. The EU is grabbing for yet more power and our own so-called leaders have sold out to it. Don't be thinking that Cameron is any different; he's a Europhile ... a Marxist in conservative clothing.

The only real spark of hope that I see is this ... the fiscal incompetence of our politicians. The State continues to grow, despite their assurances that they will "shrink it" - and that growth cannot be sustained. It's a bubble that simply has to burst on the economic rocks of Peak Oil, Welfare and so-called AGW. The resultant turmoil just might present an opportunity for Liberty ... or Tyranny on an unprecedented scale.

But, yes, don't offer succour to the State of the United Kingdom, nor its socialist neighbours in Europe. That said, those of us who still regard ourselves as free and self-directing under the Law of God ... well, we just might need a helping hand. One day.

DT, England.

Yes Aaron, I strongly agree with your reasoning...but the slave masters don't want a free society. These satanic, fools use their fellow men for their benefits, as the rulers of this world have for the most part of the human race's existence. Keep on fighting for freedom as G-d has his eyes on you, and he will guide and protect you. I have prayed for the Creator to guide and protect you against the satanic inspired slave masters, wherever and who-ever they are.

Yours in liberty, Frank.

Yes! I agree with you. Excellent article. LIVE FREE OR DIE!



I couldn't agree with you more. Except for one thing: most of the wars our nation has been involved in were about power of one sort or another, and the concept of "exporting democracy" was merely a fig leaf that poorly concealed the true purpose. I would say that this was not true of our Revolutionary War, and not (entirely) true of World War II, but was for the most part true of World War I, and was obviously true of the Spanish-American War and the War with Mexico. (Trivia: I wonder how many people know that our country declared war only 4 times in its history, at least according to the mechanism in the Constitution for declaring war? Those 4 times were the War with Mexico, the Spanish-American War, and the 2 World Wars.)

So it would be nice if we stopped this claptrap about exporting democracy. I agree, most other countries really aren't interested in individual liberty. After all, since the time of our Revolution how many other countries have produced, or rebelled to produce, the same kinds of liberties we enjoy? And if they don't allow their citizens to arm themselves, then aren't we plowing the wrong field? But it would be even better if our leaders stopped lying to US, and told us in all honesty that "this war is about making Central America safe for United Fruit", or "that war is about making Iraq safe for Exxon and BP", etc. In other words, it would be nice if our leaders stopped making our children in the military waste their lives and limbs merely to be the international police force for multi-national corporations, corporations who don't give a damn about anything beyond this quarter's profits.

And incidentally, I heard on NPR today that the pinheads in Washington are turning up the volume on calls to regulate guns in our country, in the name of the lie of keeping guns from the Mexican drug cartels. Just as you had predicted (and I don't remember anyone else predicting this): the liberals in our lame-duck Congress have been voted out, so before they leave they have nothing to lose by trying once more to pass more gun control laws, laws they didn't have the votes or the courage to push for earlier (when they didn't want to jeopardize their chances of re-election). Keep up the good work.

SH, (a Jeffersonian, NOT a Hamiltonian)

Overlooked in the Veteran's Day comments is the fact that Islam's Allah (in the Koran/Qur'an) demands Muslims NOT take kaffir (the worst pejorative in the Arabic language - you and me - hated by Allah) for friends or helpers - 14 times!

Also overlooked is the model all Muslim treaties and agreements with kaffir are based upon: Mohammed's Treaty of Hudaybiyya: a ten-year truce (hudna) with Mecca's polytheistic Quraysh tribe, where Muhammad humbled himself by agreeing to their terms rather than be defeated (yet he proclaimed victory to his men: Koran 48:1). About a year later, Muhammad re-armed, re-organized, and abrogated the treaty without warning, using a woman (Koran 60:10) for an excuse, then attacking the unprepared Meccans as they arose from peaceful sleep, thus establishing Islam's continuing attitudes about treaties: only made when Islam is weak, only honored while the agreement/treaty benefits Muslims, abrogated without warning when doing so suits their interests.

Effectively dealing with Muslim regimes that pose overt or covert threats to our nation would require: leaving the bodies of their leaders and flunkies stacked in their capitol square with a large sign reading "DON'T MAKE US COME BACK!!" That's the way Muslim caliphs have traditionally controlled internal problems. Trying to Westernize a people whose very G-d hates us can be no more than an expensive exercise in futility!

Mohammed, however, seems to have explained today's situation very well: "The king of Persia will be destroyed, and no one will assume his throne. Caesar will certainly be destroyed and no Caesar will follow him; his coffers will be spent on Allah's cause." Mohammed cried out, "Jihad is deceit." (hadith Bukhari, vol. 4, book 52, no. 267)

They've told us in many ways; their doctrine is clear enough and repeated often enough for even the illiterate to understand, yet we keep projecting our Western values on their profoundly dualistic culture and wonder why our expectations aren't being met. We should begin to understand that "Weird" Al Yankovic's "Dare to be Stupid" tour isn't over, but has been adopted as policy by Western governments - including our own.

CCG, 3-tour RVN vet

Well, Karzai wants the U.S. to cut the number of Troops in Afghanistan, How about Getting them ALL OUT and tell that Bastard to Go Back to Hell where he came from ...........


Shalom Liberty Crew,

I agree! We should not be giving "welfare" to half of the worlds people. Actually, I believe the people see very little of what we ever send. It is absorbed by the governmental cronies. As you know guns are illegal in many countries, i.e. Mexico, except to the influential governmental cronies and now the drug cartels, ergo the masses really have little capability of becoming a widely armed citizenry. Sadly our "leaders" will not embrace the idea of not engaging in foreign entanglements. I believe many people are making too much money at the expense of the US of A, not just in money but the sacrifice of many of our people. Too many! I agree that it is insanity to buy oil from our enemies and with that money they fund the war against us/US.

I am convinced that voting no longer works. Even when we get people into office who seem to be good and profess they will do the will of the people, sooner or later, with a few possible exceptions, join the ranks of the corrupted. We must find another solution. I can't say revolution, that's sedition, I'm told. But our country was born in revolution and our founding fathers devised a wonderful instrument called the US Constitution with the Bill of RIGHTS. We have drifted far from the tenets therein and our RIGHTS have been ignored by those elected to govern. This has taken us way down the wrong road.

As I see it: RIGHTS were; granted by our Creator, guaranteed by the Constitution, ignored by politicians and the people deprived. We had a good thing going for a couple of hundred years and then something went wrong. I think we can still fix it but with our two biggest enemies being ignorance and apathy it will be extremely difficult at best. Even some who know, have neither the stomach nor the balls to do what is necessary to save us/US. May G-d help us.



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