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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Instructors

You Will Not Find a Better Group of Firearms Training Instructors Assembled Anywhere

Ignatius Piazza

When he designed Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Dr. Ignatius Piazza knew that Front Sight would establish itself as the top-notch firearms training school because he had personally attended ALL the other top schools prior to creating Front Sight so it was quite easy for him to create a better firearms training program.

As a firearms training student, Dr. Piazza noted those gun training techniques that worked well and also noted what other firearms training schools could do to improve the delivery of a firearms training course to help a gun training student improve beyond the levels that most firearms training schools were capable of providing.

In order for Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to be truly recognized as the "best firearms training in the gun industry," Ignatius Piazza realized that the instructors at Front Sight would have to be the most professional, expert, absolute premiere firearms training instructors ever assembled under one firearms training institute.

So Dr. Ignatius Piazza developed the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Firearms Instructor Development Program with the number one goal and overall purpose to train any law-abiding gun owner into a world-class Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Instructor.

Dr. Piazza states that he can transform any firearms owner who has the following personal characteristics and train them to be a best-of-the-best Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Instructor. For those firearms training students who have taken Front sight gun training courses will tell you, Dr. Ignatius Piazza has done just that hundreds of times.

Right from Front Sight's Firearms Training Instructor Manual, here are the characteristics required to be accepted into the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Firearms Instructor Development Program:

Philosophy of a Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Instructor

  1. The ability to perform on demand, exactly, what you are teaching to the students.
  2. A strong desire and ability to impart your knowledge and expertise to the students.
  3. Voice, posture, vocabulary, and appearance that secures the students' respect for your position as their instructor.
  4. High moral and ethical character which leaves you behaving appropriately on and off the range.
  5. A memory that allows you to always remember what it is like to be a student.
  6. The integrity to teach your course exactly as it is outlined in Front Sight`s curriculum with no alteration to the instructional doctrine.

Interestingly, previous firearms training (or concealed carry) experience is not required because Dr. Piazza recognizes that if you possess the inner characteristics outlined above, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute will quickly train you to be an incredible firearms training instructor.

If you think this is just marketing talk, then just speak with any one of the tens of thousands of Front Sight firearms training students who are happy to tell you that Front Sight Firearms Training Instructors are the best instructors they have ever had in any type of training they have ever received.

All the better for you if you already have a background in professional firearms training instruction or law enforcement firearms training instruction, or military gun training because that firearms training experience will help in your Front Sight firearms training instructor development, but it is not required.

To become a Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Firearms Instructor go out to Front Sight and take Front Sight's Four Day Defensive Handgun Course and speak to Dr. Ignatius Piazza and request attendance in Front Sight’s Four Day Firearms Training Instructor Development Course.

In Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy you will also see Front Sight Firearms Training Institute students and instructors demonstrating the firearms training skills they have learned in the firearms training courses they have attended at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

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You will learn about the importance of the Second Amendment and your entire family will get to see some great firearms training demonstrated.