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Front SightFront Sight Firearms Training Institute Students Have Better Firearms Training Skills Than 99% of All Gun Owners.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza Claims It, Front Sight Students Back It Up With Their Gun Training Performance!

Dr. Ignatius Piazza will proudly respond to anyone who asks about Front Sight Firearms Training Institute that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute students are better trained with firearms  than 99% of all gun owners and this includes cops and soldiers. 

If you too want to shoot faster and more accurately than a SWAT cop or Navy SEAL then now is the time to attend a gun training course from Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s cadre of dedicated and expert gun training instructors at Dr. Piazza’s fabulous 550 acre Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.    

Dr. Piazza didn’t dream up such a claim and he is not boasting.  Ignatius Piazza is simply relaying what he is told by his law enforcement and military firearms training students who remark that they received better firearms training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute than they received in their own military boot camp or law enforcement academy. 

Dr. Piazza is not just talking about your average cop or Army enlistee.  Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is attended by, Marine Corps officers, SWAT Cops and Special Operations personnel who receive firearms training right alongside private citizens from every walk of life.  When you attend a Front Sight Firearms Training course you will see doctors, dentists, accountants, business owners, blue collar workers and housewives shooting with cops and soldiers.  Each and every firearms training student leaving Front Sight with better firearms training skills than 99% of all gun owners.  This is no exaggeration and is another reason why Front Sight Firearms Training Institute leads the firearms training industry by a country mile.

If you want proof, here is a video sample of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from Front Sight students in law enforcement and the military and as well as private citizens all telling you why they travel across the USA, flying over every other firearms training school and driving right by every firearms training instructor to take gun training courses regularly and repeatedly at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.


If you would like to have gun skills that surpass 99% of all gun owners then it is time  you take a firearms training course under Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s seasoned and professional firearms training instructors at his world class Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.