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Ignatius PiazzFront Sight Firearms Training Institute Doubles Every Year On Its Mission to Positively Change the Image of Gun Ownership in Our Lifetimes

Under the Supervision of Front Sight Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza

If you are familiar with the Front Sight Story or Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, then you know that Front Sight started with ten, firearms training students in a 2 Day Defensive Handgun Course on leased firearms training facilities near Bakersfield, California in April 1996.

What most people do not know is that within one year, Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his Front Firearms Training Institute surpassed the firearms training school that had created the firearms training industry 25 years earlier.

What is even less well known is that under the Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s brilliant firearms training curriculum, seasoned and professional firearms training instructional staff, and world class 550 acre firearms training facility near Las Vegas, NV, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has DOUBLED in size every year for the last 12 years and is on track to double again in the next twelve months.

What this means is that Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s proven and successful strategy to positively change the image of gun ownership and restore the second Amendment by providing firearms training to private citizens that exceed the levels found in law enforcement and the military but without any bootcamp mentality or drill instructor attitudes is WORKING! 

In fact, at the rate Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is growing in students and members and expanding its curriculum, course offerings, and instruction staff, Front Sight will surpass the NRA in total members within the next several years.

Remember that a grain of rice doubled each year will create enough rice on the 46th year to cover the entire planet.

With Dr. Ignatius Piazza at the helm and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute doubling its firearms training influence every year, the image of gun ownership can be positively changed and the Second Amendment can be restored in our lifetimes to the gun owning freedom our forefathers fought and died to provide us.

To see how Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza and amazingly dedicated Front Sight Firearms Training Institute staff are really making a profound and positive difference in the image of firearms training, gun ownership and the responsible use of firearms, you must watch Dr. Piazza's award winning Front Sight Story, Chapter One: your Legacy DVD. It is free, so order yours today by clicking on this link.