Any Excuse

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by Kirby Ferris

© Copyright Jews For The Preservation of
Firearms Ownership ( 2012

Since 1989, JPFO has stood for the complete and utter abolition of “gun control”. Any form of firearms owner registry is an invitation to burgeoning tyranny, and even a police state takeover. You simply cannot argue with this premise. In the last one hundred years, every major genocide (which is mass murder by a government, or government backed faction, upon its own citizenry) has been preceded by gun registration and gun confiscation. Read about "Innocents Betrayed".

Disarm the masses and then slaughter them. An age-old horror tale … even before firearms.

American gun owners’ most basic right, the right to self defense, is now constantly threatened, not so much by the actual psychotic behavior of a “lone gunman” lunatic, but by the deceitful and emotionalized response of venal politicians and the leftist media. To continue down this hand wringing, knee jerk, hysterical response path spells doom to our liberty.

You’ve read numerous warnings on this JPFO website before: it's just a matter of time before some nut  opens up on a crowd with a “high capacity” magazine fed semi automatic rifle. It will be an AR or AK variant … or even a more “sporting” looking Ruger.

Don’t you understand? This is as inevitable as the next airliner crash … or terrorist attack.

It’s not a matter of “if”… it’s sadly just a matter of “when”. This “crazed lone gunman” might be in the process of planning (programming?) right now. Short of vigilance, and a well armed citizenry to hopefully cut a murder spree short, Americans have little or no control over this coming event.

Our anti-gun opponents actually WANT this to happen! They are GLAD when a Patrick Purdy or a Jared Loughner surfaces. Because, without the hysteria engendered by these tragedies, there is no other way that the collectivists and Cultural Marxists who control our political system and mainstream media can so easily bypass the Second Amendment.

The elites absolutely must confiscate the firearms they, as tyrants in waiting, fear the most: Serious caliber semi automatic, magazine fed, rifles.

It happened in Australia almost overnight. It happened in New Zealand almost overnight. Don’t kid yourselves, a really, really bloody mess will send the frightened sheep screaming to the lawmakers to “Do something!  Do Anything!”

The manipulation of hysteria works. Get ready.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

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© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.


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